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Mar 2, 2006
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Anyone else get this email? And are you going to try any of the products?? There's some Philosophy bath products, a Bourjois mascara, Stila e/s duos, and a Benefit You Rebel light! I'm liking the Stila e/s and believe it or not, I've never tried any Philosophy bath products!

They've also added a section for Natural and Organic products!!

Fragrance, Cosmetics & the Finest Facial Skin Care Product Selection at




I got an email for it, too, but I've been spending so much on Christmas presents that I need to go on a long no-buy. Oh, well...

You really should try the philosophy 3 in 1. I love their stuff. It smells amazing of course and it makes nice huge bubbles, great later too. It makes my skin feel pretty soft too. I love the way my hair smells after I dry it too. Yummy.

I have to see if I got the email, I am sure I did, I signed up for the insider. I think you are the one that told me about the beauty insider.

Eek! I think I deleted the e-mail LOL! But, I did see the Stila e/s duos on the site... They do look gorgeous!


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