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Jun 11, 2005
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This is one of those pics that looks good until you scroll down! From the waist up she is a picture of elegance and beauty. Then you get to the middle and it looks like a Tummy Tuck gone wrong. It's actually really scary!! Why would anyone place an ugly embellishment right there at the tummy where most people don't want attention?? Then you continue to scroll down and see the weird shoes....ACK. This thing loks like something off of CSI.
What in the heck?? Except for the mid part of the dress she looked great. Since its Sharon i might give her a pass


I'll admit the shoes look weird, but they would have worked if whatever that thing is in the middle of her dress wasn't there.

OMG...that looks like something is protruding out of her body, covered in blood!!!

Is that her Halloween costume?

Is it supposed to be a cloth flower? lol however she looks great

omg your right it does lol

Originally Posted by CellyCell /img/forum/go_quote.gif Looks like a used tampon.
without the 'extra' it would be borrring, but with it it looks awful. just bad all around but she looks great

just aweful! i don't know what sharon was thinking. her hair and makeup are stunning! the girls' still got it!

That's hideous. From the bust up she's hot, can you imagine if the dress were just straight without all that fabric in the front, she'd look elegant.


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