She chopped off half my hair..but I love it. forums

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Jul 4, 2006
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I had been debating what to do with my hair for a long time, and after many lengthy discussions about my hair on facebook with Jocasta (Jobunny) we came up with a few idea, as well as a few pics too (god I love that girl
Huge shout out to Jo..she is fab

I look like a stunned mullet in this pic..but we're looking at the hair people, the hair lol



This was the result...bra strap length, stacks of layers and a side swept fringe. I'm really loving it, still getting used to it being so short (well shorter than it was), but I love it. It's a good length, it's still long enough for me to curl it and do things with, but not too long where doing things is a hassle.

OMG Bec I love it! I so don't think you should go blonde at all lol, the dark hair and blue eyes is gorgeous.

(Yay you posted lol)

And to nick a quote from yourself......*steals your hair*

I also think brunette hair suits you better. It really makes your beautiful eyes stand out! I really like the cut and your hair is still very long!!

gorgeous girl!!

you must have had really long hair before. when i saw the first picture i thought the next one was going to be short!

it looks fantastic. like it has already been said, it really brings out your eyes.


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