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Mar 2, 2006
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My daughter, Aleda. Has anyone else had a child that was delayed in their speech? She's had her hearing checked, it's fine. She's been evaluated as far as autism, developmental disabilites, etc., that's also fine. She's just not doing much talking at all. She's just now finally starting to say a few words after having been getting speech therapy for around 4 months now. They say she's lazy and just doesn't feel compelled to speak. She's also not exposed to other kids much because my ex watches her while I work (he's permanently disabled) and she's my one and only. He has another daughter that's 16, but she lives with her mom. I guess maybe we've anticipated her needs too much so she's going to talk when she's good and ready! LOL!!

So...just wondering if anyone else has had this problem? Tell me about it...

I was a bit late in talking like your daughter but I don't know other kids like that. Maybe she's really shy.

I dont think it is a disability issue it is more of a personality thing. She may be shy and considering the fact that she does not have alot of interaction with other small children, that sometimes slows speech up a bit. Pickles is 26 months and he dosent say much either other than spongebob and im gonna beat your butt!! Other than that, it is just babble. If the doctor says nothing is wrong, then dont worry too much. But one sure fire way of improving her vocabulary and speech is read at least two books to her a day, be repetitive in teaching simple things like ABC's and numbers, colors and shapes, There is a good Barney book that I used to use for Willow, made her talking 100% better. I will have to find it though....

I agree that she is fine. Some kids are just quieter and the fact that she is not around other kids may have something to do with it. MY cousin who is 20 now barely said anything until she was 3. She is still the quiet one in the family but very intelligent. She'll be fine. Like you said, she will talk when she wants to. I wish some adults I knew would talk only when something is important ;-)

My boyfriends, sisters kid is a little over 3 years old now and he doesn't talk much. He says a word here and there and still says alot of "nonsense". His parents are taking him to speech therapy. I haven't heard anything about what they said or anything yet though.

Maybe with some kids it just takes a little more time?

Don't worry. Is everything else - like walking, running, drawing, and etc , okay? If yes, probably she isn't much of a talker - my mom only started talking when she was 3, but after then... She talks A LOT

my flower girl Chantel had delayed speech and was in speech therapy at 3yrs old til just before kindergarten.

a little of it has to do with how they communicated with her- i believe you used a great example of over-anticipating her needs- that was one of the keys for Chantel as well. she also used music and singing.

Chantel is also a very shy child as well and also had very little socialization with outside people... so they needed to be sure to not rely on "yes-no" question communication (do you see the cow?) because it limits her use of speech.

instead they needed to use responsive questions all the time (what do you see in the field?) no matter where they were (what vegetables should we buy? how should we do your hair today? what are you playing with?) and giving time to answer and having follow up questions that lead to better verbal communication.

but i am sure speech therapy will go into that with you an more.

also be sure you seeing how your child IS communicating in lieu of talking... Chantel was drawing out many of the things she was feeling and it was an easy way to get her to talk as well, and get her involved in a hobby she loves.

My mom always tells me that I could say almost anything at age 2, while my brother couldn´t really talk much until age 4! My parents were worried about him possibly having a mental handicap so they took him to various pediatricians, but all tests came back ok.

They just said "wait and see, very soon you won´t be able to shut him up" lol. That was true, and he is indeed one of the most intelligent people his age I know (he´s 20 now)

My Nephew was pretty delayed in speech, he was two and didnt say much but after like 30 months his speech started to improve. Hes now 3 and wont shut up! lol I think for now she is taking time. I guess once she starts school and gets more child interaction and she still doesnt speak then you can check that out. For now I think its ok.

my sister didn't start talking until 3, and even then she still made hand signals and only a couple of words and made my brother talk for her. she didn't start really talking until she was about 3 1/2. she ended up being the smarty pants of the family, and now she's a high school teacher. some people just get off to a slow start.

my sister didn't start talking until 3, and even then she still made hand signals and only a couple of words and made my brother talk for her. she didn't start really talking until she was about 3 1/2. she ended up being the smarty pants of the family, and now she's a high school teacher. some people just get off to a slow start.

My cousin didn't start talking until she was about 4 years old. She's 17 now, and she is definitely one of the smartest girls I know - straight A student! So I don't think there's any need to worry, it's quite normal as far as I know

She's fine I'm sure. Every child is different. My nephew started talking at 12 months, but didn't start walking until after he was 2 years old. That seemed odd, but he's 16 now... maybe he was just afraid to walk when he was a baby.

My son Connor started walking at 10 1/2 months, but he's 20 months now... and doesn't say a lot. He says "what's that," "mama" "dada" "sadie" "bye" "get" "baba" "this" "no" and a few other random words. He totally understands everything were talking about though. He knows where his nose is, if you tell him to dance or jump... he'll do all that. So I'm not too worried yet. I'm starting to think a lot of babies don't talk until they are two years old, or older.

I think it's too early to start worrying. My aunt told me the same thing as jen... Don't ask yes or no questions, and make your daughter tell you what she wants... If she goes to the fridge meaning she wants a drink, ask her what she wants, don't say "Aleda, do you want a drink?"

Hi there..I have an 8 year old son, and everyone said don't worry when he was delayed in speech, crawling, walking etc. etc. but I took him for testing at 2, and at 4, always being told he is developmentally delayed. I have had to push for every meeting within the school system. He repeated kindergarten. He faces the FCAT( we live in Florida) next year, and I am so worried about him. I have learned to just trust your own instincts. If you think he is lazy, just keep encouraging him. But, if you think he has developmental problems, PLEASE keep chasing for more help. I don't worry so much of what he will be when he grows up but that his self esteem is kept high. Good luck...

If you have had her checked and everything looks ok, she may just not be ready to talk. My daughter was a late talker--I was really worried-but once she started she is yet to shut up. Don't worry so much MOM!!!!!!

I had that problem when I was a child but thats cuz of hearing .. you probably just have a quieter child then others

Hope everything is alright

My daughter started talking extremely early . like at 11 months and now she doesnt stop and she is 26 months now. but my cousin didnt talk until she was almost three. councelors said developmentally she was normal and she is now and she 12 she just took longer.

I mostly agree with everybody when they say "he/she will talk when there’re are ready" But that wasn't the case for my older son. Just before he turned 2 years old, we noticed that wasn't really saying much of anything. And things that he had said before, he wasn't saying them again. But everyone kept telling "Oh don't worry. He’ll talk soon enough". But it just wasn't happening. So we took him to get evaluated and he qualified for speech therapy. It started to help, but very slowly. He did speech therapy for about 10 months when he finally was able to get tested by a special team of doctors and therapists. The testing is called an ECEP (early childhood education program). He was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder. It was one of the reasons that was holding back his speech. It also explained some of his behavioral issues. He still continues his speech therapy but he also sees an occupational therapist and another therapist that works with him on his SPD. He’s almost 3 ½ now and everyday is a struggle. We are trying to learn sign language with him to see if it will help him process words. His therapists say that they might be seeing signs of Auditory Processing Disorder and Apraxia. He will get re-evaluated this summer to see if they find more things.

With that being said, if you feel in your heart that your daughter is having some issues, keep getting the testing done. A mother always knows if their child is having problems.

HTH =)

Thanks everyone for the input! Aleda is doing much better now. The speech therapy has definitely helped! She's not doing complete sentences yet, but she can say quite a few words. I have her on a waiting list at our local daycare/preschool because her speech therapist suggested it. She said Aleda would definitely benefit from being exposed to other kids. "Socialization" purposes, she said. Just a couple mornings a week is what I'm trying to get her in for. She actually loves to be read to and I've done that with her since she was a few months old. I may have her tested again just to be sure, but I really do believe she's fine. I had a pretty complicated pregnancy and she was only 2 lbs. 15 oz. when she was born, so she has been a bit delayed on everything, but she always gets there eventually.

Thanks again!

Yes my son who is six now...was a late talker..I was so worried that I took him to all these specialists and everyone said the same thing...its up to the child....and do not compare your child with others.My son started talking as soon as he went to preschool...he goes to kindergarden now he talks perfectly .

don't worry ! ( I know its hard)

take care