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Dec 24, 2007
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TheSheSpace has put the Pearls collection and Diamond Dusts back - but only until 6 January. So if you wanted them, grab them now.

Won't mention that I didn't see this at all til after I put in my order, and can't afford anymore *sobs*.

But the rest of you - take advantage!

The limited edition page is back. Woohoo! I was one of those who sent an email. I'm definitely going to grab while I still can.

Lovely! I got some samples but when I was going to order full sizes the where gone... I'm glad they returned, even for a short while!

You're welcome. My stupidity is your gain *bangs head with hammer a few times*

HOW did I miss it? At least I can console myself that the colours I got from the permanent collection are lovely, too. I have yet to hit a She Space colour that I don't love. And there is going to be some new and gorgeous soon, though I don't know if it'll be LE (praying I have my paypal account funded at the right time if it is!). I did get some samples from Heather with my last order of some really gorgeous pastels and highlight colours that are nowhere to be found on the site, so stay tuned


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