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Jan 24, 2012
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I normally use soap and lotion for my "skin care regime" but I want to buy better/more appropriate skin care products for my regime but looking at walmart, cvs, walgreen, target, ulta, and sephora, I am confused whether spending a lot of money on skin care products is the way to go. Do you splurge on skin care products, if so, which ones? If not, do you feel like you are getting the same "treatment" from drugstore products as you would at sephora?

That's a great question, but also a very complicated one.

Rule of thumb is to try out the products you feel best fits what you're looking for  and go from there.  No product is a miracle worker and each product is formulated for different types of issues/problems/skin conditions/etc.

Im my life I've tried the very expensive brands and the least expensive drug store stuff and I didnt find what I liked until my late 20's... only to then have to change products in my late 20's/early 30's again because my skin wouldnt react to it the same way. 

I would suggest starting at dept stores to get samples/demos and get a better idea of what your skin needs.

I agree with Panuca. Get an assesment of your skin before you drop a dime. That being said, I splurge on the basics. Gotta build a good foundation! I use Ahava, Alba and Mary Kay on my face. Then I will cover it with cheap ELF makeup! LOL

skin is a sensitive thing and its to important to choose what we need to use carrefuly

I use a combination of drugstore and high end products. Really just depending on what my skin needs.

I agree with Pancua.

Taking care of my skin has become sort of a hobby for me, but in the beginning I definitely just went to a random cosmetic store and bought $200 worth of skin care products that had a good rep, but didn't match my skin. It was a waste of money. It doesn't matter whether it's drugstore or high-end products - it needs to match your skin. Personally, I love Asian brands better than any other brands out there. My favorite right now has to be Ossion.

I like to splurge on skincare products so I like to go to department stores or any cosmetic stores. By the time I come home, I have a small bag almost a quarter full with samples that I try out. Definitely want to try things out before I fork big cash over for skin care products.

If you want to be put on a regiment that will really work, and be assessed by someone that knows all about skin - go to a dermatologist.

Pay the initial money for the appointment but get drug store recs that will save you money.

In fact you might learn how to really save by applying good old Vaseline over damp skin, if it feels dry - from one derm.

Another piece of advice was making a toner of 50/50 witch hazel and water, to combat oily skin - from another derm.

So ask for simple, effective am and pm routines.

And they might have some samples which will save you a few bucks.

if you are using bar soap then anything will be better if you change that.

Hey everyone, you don't necessarily have to go to a Dermatologist, especially for regular skincare routines.  They deal with the more major stuff that may need medical attention or prescriptions.

Just get yourself an esthetician.  They special in skin conditions and everyday care of the skin.  It might be cheaper too.  If you just want someone to inform you on homecare and what types of products for your skin type, they are they way to go.  No doctor's visit or anything.  And they do facials!  Guess what...most dermatologists hire ESTHETICIANS to do basic facials.

so you can save yourself a trip unless you already have a dermie.  

you don't have to splurge on products either.  just know professional lines are more concentrated then drugstore brands so you will be getting more bang for your buck.  And also its just trying different products until you find the one that works for you.

My current skin care brand is Murad but you really have to shop around and find out what works best for you. The best thing about what I use is that there is so much option, I use anti-ageing, environmental shield and combnation stuff in my routine. I used to try and get samples from companies first as some products can be expensive, so I could try before I bought! Most places are happy to oblige. Maybe you could pamper yourself and go for a facial and then ask the therapist what she reccommends?

I think it really is a case of trying different things and finding what works for you and your skin type.

Hope that helps,

C xx

ps. Also I find if you have a good brand that you love and it works for you, it really is worth spending that little bit extra. Aslo they tend to last longer than the cheap ones so you do get your money's worth!

I always buy my skincare at Sephora. The one thing I have learned is that if you buy skincare from wal-mart and such, you will more than likely have to buy more products to get the results of three. A really good line for anyone to start with that will target your concerns and not break your bank is Clinique. Consults are free and it is not a real expensive product but a good one. I think your three step bag is no more than fifty or sixty dollars and you would spend that at CVS on a bunch of product that in my opinion is not as good for your skin.

I ve recently started splurging on higher end, more expensive skin care products. I see a nice improvement.  I really like the Boscia cleansing gel.

Try to use skin care products which suits you rather then trying for the best product available in the market. And also you can try skin lotions

I would suggest something totally different. First educate yourself regarding skin care ingredients - the good & the bad. You can easily assess your skin type yourself. Oily/dry/combination/sensitive. It isn't hard at all. Once you've done that, start checking out skin care products. By the time you've educated yourself, you should know quite a bit regarding what you want to avoid and what you want to spend money on. I disagree totally regarding the use of soap. Bad soap, yes, you definitely want to avoid. That includes pretty much any kind of off-the-shelf brands which firstly, don't list their ingredients and secondly, which have synthetic fragrances. Most bar soaps are detergents in a solid form made from animal fats, chemicals, perfume and other rubbish. They aren't even actually soap. There are, however, extremely good quality, real soaps out there. A brand I know is of excellent quality and which I'm using myself at the moment is Sibu sea buckthorn soap. It's actually got sea buckthorn purée in it, along with sea buckthorn leaves, oatmeal, coconut, palm & safflower oils, soybean protein, real essential oils which are great for the skin, and other ingredients which are beneficial to the skin. It's suitable for all skin types as well. It leaves dry skin moisturizes and oily skin balanced, so it doesn't overproduce oil/sebum after cleansing. A good serum is also helpful. Serums with high concentrations of vitamin c in them are very good, as well as ones with hyaluronic acid in them. After that, all you really need is a good quality moisturizer. Good quality doesnt mean expensive, either. Look for a cream which is free of lanolin, petroleum by-products, synthetic fragrance/parfum/and the like, mineral oil, silicones (dimethicone, etc; you will know these on sight after you've done some research). It's not nearly as difficult as it sounds. And don't assume that just because the package says 'natural' that it's a good product. Many nowadays are loaded with junk, even brands like Aveda & similar. Always always read labels. You'll save yourself a great deal of money & disappointment, not to mention breakouts & allergic reactions. If you've got problem skin like I do, meaning any acne, if you're very oily, have large pores, any skin tone uneveness, scarring, oily & dry patches, you'll want to get yourself a good acid treatment. The latest one I've tried, which is spectacular, only cost me about $16-$17 from Amazon. It's a 20% salicylic acid 'peel', although there is no noticeable 'peeling' when using it. It just shrinks pores a great deal because it eats through all the gunk in them. It also sloughs off all the dead skin buildup everybody has, brightens the skin, evens out the tone, works on fine lines and wrinkles, literally erases dark spots/sun damage, decreases excess oil production & also eliminates dry skin, gets rid of any rough texture & bumpiness, and makes your skin extremely smooth and soft. Which means your foundation will look incredible when applied, because you've got a great 'canvas' to work on. It will also mean you won't need to use any silicone-based primers, either, allowing your skin to breathe properly. I'd actually recommend the salicylic acid to anybody, even if they don't have so-called 'problem skin'. After you get these basics down and you know what works for your skin, you can then start experimenting with other acids, detoxifying masks, good quality scrubs, etc. Just always remember to read your ingredients labels. Feel free to PM me if you're confused about anything :)

I use what works for me, some low end products are absolutely amazing, so don't ignore them just because they are cheap!

There is no simple answer to that, I think. It depends very much on your skin and what issues you have with it. I personally have problematic skin and have spent years looking for the right products for it. Now, after having tried so many different things, I use a mix of high end and drug store products and that really works the best for me.

i tend to refuse to purchase products over $30 before trying out a sample first. but the samples i've got (Biotherm and Orlane) have been awesome. for some reason, high-end brands always leave my skin feeling velvety (but it's kind of disappointing how they don't have SPF in them). now i think i'll give Clinique a try,


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