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Dec 27, 2006
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I feel that my skin doesn’t have a glow, I want skin where I can go around without makeup and people compliment me and say my skin tone is pretty. I use dr. murad acne wash which has really helped get rid of the pimples and I use cosmedicine primary care moisturizer that has 15spf. That is all I use. I do have hyper pigmentation and get dark spots after every pimple which sucks. I don’t use anything else, I heard that is good to use a night time treatment. This is my daily regime night and day. I like the moisturizer and face wash that I use so I don’t want to take away, but is there something that I could add? Help someone so I can get pretty skin that glows.
the only thing that can make my skin have this 'glow' is exfoliation.... but dont overdo it.

hm.... you can use baking soda for a cheap and good alternative . i mix it with my cleanser. hth

careful about the sugar, though, if you have sensitive skin this is not smthg i would recommend to use often.

maybe also do a mask, once or twice a week? the cheapest is just some green clay with water.

i do use a mask by borghese, i use it twice a week and i exfoliate with a ddf exfoliater twice a week as well.

If you want, you can use Uranium on your face - that can make it glow, although I'm not sure if it'll be good for you

chanel has a radiance/glow skincare line. i would love to try it, but im just so happy about the estee lauder line im using. but maybe you could get more radiant and glowing skin with just using the mask or exfoliator? im not sure, but i want to try it out.

check it out at chanel's website. you can also answer a row of questions to let the webpage tell you what skincare would be the best for you..

if anyone have experience with the radiance line from chanel, please do tell

a lot of skincare lines actually have these radiance creams/serums ect !

I second what Monica said. Alot of Skin Care lines are making "Radiance" type serums, etc. A decent vitamin C serum might help with the hyperpigmentation and acne spots also. I really like SkinMedica's, although it's a bit pricey.

If your looking for something a bit more affordable Aveeno makes a "Positively Radiant" line.

Starting slowly (2 or 3 times a week) with a retinol based product will also help with the spots and make your skin more luminous.


The only thing I can add is regular exfoliation and a flaxseed oil supplement (or any omega 3-6-9).

What I do is, right before I go to bed, I take a bit of olive oil and apply it all over my (already cleansed) face. I sleep with it on and the next day I have glowy plumped up skin.

If you're going out or something and want an instant glow, then wash your face with pepto-bismol, it gives you a glow for like a day, even after you put makeup on. It's also safer to use on your face then most acne medicine, because it's made for the lining of your stomach, which is very sensitive. Hope this helps!

Vitamin C Serum (you can make your own). Also, my skin has acquired somewhat of a glow since I began taking sulfur supplements (MSM), which is available at Whole Foods or any natural food market. Sulfur is known to be effective against acne, but it also helps with skin in general. hth

I found a great product for this, and it feels good and is fun to use: RoC Daily Microdermabrasion Cleansing Disks.

As some of the others have mentioned, baking soda is a cheaper alternative for exfoliating. And I find that weekly masks help, as well.

This might sound a bit off but Cleopatra used milk as a cleanser for glowing skin. It's worth a try. I have personally used milk to cleanse my face and loved the results. I also add milk to my honey scrubs and masks.

Exercise like mad, sleep well, and drink plenty of water! Skin is an organ that shows the very first signs of lethargy, dehydration or poor circulation, so exercise and a healthy lifestyle works wonders!
I agree with the working out thing, I don't do it, but when I do, it shows. I do drink tons of water though.

I also agree with working out. It helped me with my acne and my blemishes almost completely went away.