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Mar 7, 2005
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maybe someone's mentioned this before, so i apologize if it's been said and everyone knows about it, but i've never read it, so...

the full size photo finish primer (original, colorless) is .93 oz. for $36. i don't know about you, but i think it's a pain in the ass that you can't get the last amount out cuz it's just stuck there, so you end up wasting a little.

if you buy the travel size one, which is $16 for .5 oz, it's a much better value cuz it's a squeeze tube, which means you'll get every drop out. it's also a better value cuz if you buy two of the travel size ones, it's $32 for 1 oz.

did i make sense? lol

It makes sense because i have one and I dont know what to do with the rest of the bottle. I emailed SB and they told me to use a q-tip. lol

Originally Posted by Marisol /img/forum/go_quote.gif Oh snap! You are a smartie artie! LMAO! I totally just heard Raven! I need to stay away from the kids when they're watching Disney!
I bought one the other day and i surely will take it back for the travel size, you are a genius.

Has anyone tried their new Primer and Illuminates in a tube. One side of the tube has the primer the other side the Illuminative, it it one of the worst designs I have ever seen. You either get to much primer and no Illuminate or visa versa.

good to know! i was planning on buying that once i get some money... whenever that might be. :[

What I do with my photofinish bottle is: Once I cannot pump anything else out, I take out the pump tube and stick a thin brush handle in there and grab some product. That way, I am able to use all of it.

good tip. I like the squeeze tubes better because my 5 year old plays in the bathroom and its a glass bottle for the fullsize and it could break.

That's a great tip Jennifer. That's what I had started doing when I did the math a while back. The little tubes last a while too.

if all else fails, you can also cut the top off the tube and then really get everything out (i do this with everything thats in a tube you can get like at 3days-2 weeks worth of stuff still left in there).

Originally Posted by Insensitive. /img/forum/go_quote.gif Do these primers work for all skin tones? Smash box and urban decay.... yep.
Thanks jenn! They all look sooo light. Im guessing they arnt opaque. But like i said, thanks so much!

I'm still up in the air on primer. I want one, but they are all so expensive. Even the Target ones are $20. II know Sephora toutes Smashbox as being the best. Still the price! Eeek. However if it could keep makeup from settling in certain places in my face I'd pay just about anything for it.