Spoon to curl your eyelashes?

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Jul 7, 2005
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my stepmother has always used a spoon to curl her eyelashes and i have ALWAYS been intrigued by this, LOL!!! and for the LIFE of me i cant do it, even while she was trying to teach me, and the cool part about this technique (which i love) is that you dont get the hard crease from a regular eyelash curler, the spoon gives you a super natural lift with no crease!!! has anyone here used a spoon or knows someone who does? and how the heck do you do it?!!!


again, suppin else u girls make me wanna try

I do this
I used to curl with a regular eyelash curler but it bent my lashes and was horrible, so now I use a spoon or even a spork (whatever is handy!) to work with.

this would be a great tecnique to learn esepcially when your somewhere were you dont have a lash curler.

I heard something about this just a week or so ago and then let it slip my mind. I'll have to give it go!

I have never heard of such a thing - I will have to check it out! My lashes puny as they are can use all the help they can get.

Have you ever tried using the eyelash curlers that are more like a pen than a clampy thing?

I have one and it gives a much more natural curl

sounds interesting!

my eyelash curler seems to work okay though..


bet i go and try it out now, lol

That's pretty neat!! Guess I'll have to add silverware to my makeup kit.. Lol

Originally Posted by Karren_Hutton /img/forum/go_quote.gif Guess I'll have to add silverware to my makeup kit.. Lol LMAO Karren!
I'm gonna have to try this!