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Aug 29, 2004
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i got a few ugly stretch marks on my hips, inner thighs, and lower back .. im not fat .. but i do have a little extra pounds which i plan on losing very soon .. i really want to get rid of these stretch marks because they are embarrassing .. please can u tell me anything that works to make them smaller and less visible ... thanks a lot

sorry i cant really help, stretch marks are permanent they can only fade abit in time, have u tried any creams for strecth marks? iv not really seen any about but i have seen a few products in avon. someone told me that she used baby lotion 4 a while and her stretch marks faded but i dont know if his is true though as iv never tried using it... cant see it working but i dunno why she would lie

If you see a dermatologist they can perscribe something (I think it's Retin A) that will help but as soon as you stop using it they come back.

Stretch marks are scars, they're permanent. I'm covered in them from puberty (hips, breasts, inner/outer/ back thighs) and they faded to white years ago but haven't improved since.

I have stretch marks(on the tops of my glutes) and I've used this stuff called Scar Zone on them. You can get it from Rite Aid or something like that. It's kind of expensive for a small tube, but it's worked so far. They've faded quite a bit which is great because I'm very very pale so they stood out a lot. When I've been in the hot shower or something, they are more visible, but they go back to normal after I've cooled down. Just be very dilligent with this stuff...I think most scar stuff should be able to help you out at least a little bit. I feel a lot better about them now.

Dry skin brushing is fabulous! You use a body brush and basically brush your skin. It's exfoliation for your whole bod! Your skin is the largest organ in your body and brushing it gets rid of dead skin on the the surface. Just like exfoliating your face leaves it soft and smooth, body brushing does the same for your body. It also helps with circulation and keeps your lymphatic system working right. Your lymphatic system is what your body uses to clear out toxins. Body brushing is a great thing to do. I think it is more widely known in Europe than in the US. It is probably one of the best things you can do for your body and skin. You want to be somewhat gentle, just like you would be exfoliating your face, especially at first, until you get used to it. You can find a natural bristle brush at health stores and most store with health and beauty products like Target for instance.

Originally Posted by XxCalixX Thank you both for the info! I think I am actually going to try it out. I think you will be surprised when you try it. You should do a search on it on the internet. You will find all kinds of benefits of skin/body brushing.
Originally Posted by beckybum69 iv got a body brush but i always used it wet, lol. Ill try it dry from now on I understand that it is better to use it dry. Your skin is less venerable when dry. Stromger. Less likely to stretch or pull. Just be gentle when first starting to get used to it. I usually flex my muscle when I'm brushing. Again, a littler less pull on the skin, plus isometric exercise...LOL
I have always used solution for scars and strch marks. They suggest it for women who are pregnant especially. i have the same problem. i have a few pounds that I want to lose and the marks are on my hips lower back and inner thighs to. My suggestion is mederma which you can by at cvs. Also some time jergens moisturizing glow helps shade the difference in color with your normal skin. They do have a body concealor makeup if you want for special occasions. Also the best product ever I used was STRIVECTIN D it really worked but the results only last 6months- 1 year if you use only one bottle and one bottle was in the three digits to buy. But affordable suggesion in Mederma.

There is an oil called Bio Oil which is supposed to be very good for stretch marks.Its about £$8.50 for a small bottle but its had some good reviews written about it.

i tried many types of stretch marks treatment but nothing ever works. only recently did i find the one product that actually gets rid of stretch marks fast. its called naturalis stretch mark treatment cream. it took about a month of use to completely clean up the stretch marks from my tummy, arms and thighs.

I have read that the essential oil of grapefruit used as a massage has fat dissolving characteristics. I don't know how true this claim is. I've never used it myself.

Rosehip Seed Oil worked on me...I also used a microdermabrasion cloth and pure Vitamin E oil...I tried Strivectin and it didn't do much for me, I also tried Mederma and that didn't do much for me...I got them to a point where nobody but me noticed them, but since I'm gonna be modeling again soon, I need them completely gone. So I'm also doing a laser treatment on them...after my first treatment I saw a HUGE improvement...I have 2 more treatments left and I think they will be completely gone.

Palmers stretch marks cocoa butter lotion. Sometimes that doesn't work, regular cocoa butter lotion is good too when used twice or more a day.

The lotion won't get rid of it but help make it less visible.=)

I bet prescribed stuff will work for you.

I'm not sure, but the others can help you more than me.

Originally Posted by Pauline There is an oil called Bio Oil which is supposed to be very good for stretch marks.Its about £$8.50 for a small bottle but its had some good reviews written about it. Bio oil is indeed great - I use it for reducing the appearance of scar tissue on my v sensitive skin, but it also worked wonders on the stretch marks I used to have at the base of my spine - smells nice too

can also recommend Palmer's tho as far as I can remember wasnt as good on the stretch mark front - rather it just made me high on chocolatey fumes!!! hehe


Originally Posted by jennycateyez How Much You Pay For The Treatments Envymi? The place I go to has a special laser that they've patented and it works on old and new marks on all skintones...I paid upfront for a package deal... 3 treatments for 4 areas-$6000...the pricing depends on how big of an area you need worked on and how many treatments you might need. It's definitely helped...I go back in a couple weeks for my second treatment, but the first already did more than I thought.

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