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! Suicide Help !

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Sep 2, 2007
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This is me and my lil brother Rob ( after a motorbike accident! ). I love this boy with all my heart, he is like my own child. I practically raised him til he was 11 cuz our mom worked the night shift and wasnt home. My mom called me this morning to tell me he tried to kill himself last night by OD'ing on 3 kinds of pills. She has no idea where the pills came from. I guess this is all stemming from his ex-girlfriend Kaitlyn who he dated for 2 years (16-18 yrs old ) and then they broke up last year. After they broke up, he dated about 10 different girls. He was at my house just 2 days ago and told me that Kaitlyn and he were talking about getting back together, and seemed really happy. I guess that didn't happen. My mom said there was a note about how without Kaitlyn nothing makes sense, and without her, life isn't worth living. Sorry for the rant, but I am very emotional right now. So he is in the hospital, under watch for pysch evals, and I am going to see him when I am off work, but am not sure what to do. My heart says to help him and be sympathetic, but my head wants to yell and ask why he would do a stupid thing like over a girl. I do remember my "first love" and I was heartbroken too, but can't understand why he would do this. He is looking at going to school in FL this year for audio installation, has a good job currently, he has so much ahead of him! So...has anyone had someone close to them try to commit suicide - or tried themselves? How should I handle this to make sure he doesn't try again when he gets out?????