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Jul 17, 2005
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I'm 6' tall and have no problem finding jeans but other clothes are difficult. Not many places seem to carry tall size tops or blouses and I don't like all my shirts looking like 3/4 length sleeves. The only place I ever find tall shirts for work is J.C. Pennes online, most others are a little pricey for everyday work clothes and don't have tall sizes in the tops anyway. Any suggestions?

Well, I am only 5'9" but that is still tall I think. I have the same problem. I also hate how short the shirts look on me. I can NEVER find a button up that is long enough to tuck into my jeans! It drives me crazy! And if they are long enough, they are way to wide! I feel your frustration believe me. Thankfully for this summer they started making the extra long tanks! I love them, but I don't know what I will do when it comes to long sleeve weather.

i know express has stuff in Tall. and since tunics are in, thos look great on taller people! hehe.

I'm only 5'8" but sometimes I have that problem too. I have a bunch of nice bracelets for when I wear not-long-enough sleeve shirts. I always have problems finding coats that aren't too tight in the shoulders. I've decied to sew more of my own clothes, but I have such a hard time getting sleeves attached to teh shirts.

I'm only 5'8, too, but have long arms and legs. C&C tops are famous for their extra long bell sleeves but if you're kind of big busted, size up, because they're a little snug across the chest. I love them, though. Ultra comfortable.

I have heard of a clothing line called Long Tall Sally. I used to have a pair of red trouser's made by them and i loved them,.i still have them somewhere.


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