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Jun 1, 2007
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I'm always looking for a quicker and easier way to do anything.... rather spend less time getting ready and more time out enjoying myself.. lol So today I came up with a new system for doing my nails.... Plain old enamal spray paint... on my stick-on nails... Worked great!! Two or three coats and ready to go!!! lol Don't really know if it's an engineer thingy, or a guy thingy or a guy engineer thingy....




omg! thats great. i love it. its definantly a guy thing.evil one has asked me many times why they dont have spray on nail polish

LOL I feel a business opertunity coming on!!! Last one to the patent office...... lol

I posted on your blog how brilliant this is. I just don't think a woman would have thought of that kind of paint.

siiiiickness, youre a genious love! i dont think a woman would have thought of this i agree

more power to you, the best of both worlds

LOL Maybe it's the lazy factor!! hehe But 2 or 3 coats is very thin so i can change the color or the finish when ever I want... The red is a satin finish but I could have sprayed them glossy or matte.... Maybe I better call Wal-mart and have them move a few cans of spray paint over into the cosmetics isle... by the nails..

Karren, could be friggin rich. patent this idea now!!!! For real nails, you'd have to come up with some kind of mitt that could be placed over the hand only exposing the nails. Come on, we could all test the products for you.

LOL Kelly.... I'll bet after the pattent atourney's fees and everything else... I'd end up loosing money!! here's the results.....


They look great. Streak free and you do not have to worry about getting paint on the cuticle. Great idea. I wish it was that easy to paint real nails.


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