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Jul 7, 2005
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so when you die who will you leave "ALL" your makeup to?

a) sister, daughter etc.

B) a deserving makeup artist

c) mut member

d) a womans shelter

e) are you kidding? i wanna be buried with it!

I would give all unopen mu to a women's shelter and my family can bury the rest with me, traincase and all!!!

If I knew when I was dying, I'd give anything unopened to a shelter, and give the rest to MuTers who I know would want things from my stash (like Coco, Coco Beach & Maroon pigments!). The rest can be buried with me LOL!

Where can I find the tuturial section? I dont have 10 posts yet, can I still view it? Thanks.

Michal Cohen - I like your make up too, what do you use?

Originally Posted by michal_cohen /img/forum/go_quote.gif ill give it to some mut members me too just because no one in my damily really likes makeup.
I only have about two unopened items. lol. So I couldn't really donate to a women's shelter. I'd give stuff away to MuT members and my mom.

Well, I'd leave it to my daughter but she is about 16 shades lighter than me. She can't use any of the colors that I have so I dunno.

I'd want it to go to my sister. I don't have anything unopened (as soon as I buy it something I rip it open and try it on), so there's nothing I could giv to a womans shelter.

I already told my sister, God forbid anything happen to me anytime soon, she better RUN to my house and get my makeup and shoe collection. She'd be set for life.

My best friend, who is a mother of 2 with a 3rd baby on the way, med student and with a husband who only works part time. Unlike me, who is a DINK, she can't afford luxuries like makeup. I give her pigment samples and stuff now, but if I kick the bucket, my entire collection is hers.

Giving to a women's shelter isn't really an option here - I've never heard of shelters asking for makeup.


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