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Jan 17, 2007
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I started another one!


Dont let it die.

Is it hot where you live right now?

Its 100+ here and its barely 11am.

It's hot and humid here as usual .. don't know the temp really (and it's 2:44 pm here)

I'm sad
And pissed off at the same time . I wrote a long rant about my hair on the hair care forum;

Maybe i could just shave it

Oh's hot as hell here in California. I think I'll be staying inside with my air conditioner today. I don't need another tan this summer.

Thats it... Im headed there!


Even the beaches are high 80's Q_Q

Im going to rot indoors today too.

In Finland the summer is officially over
Here it's only 15c (60F) during daytime and it's been raining today.

Yesterday at my house it was about 101....I only left the house to hose off the dogs and refill their water.

This is the coolest day in 2 months in NE Florida. It's 84 here and raining.

Yesterday and today the temps are in the mid to high 80's. About a month ago it was 116 F.

I just finished making lasagne for supper.

Originally Posted by MindySue /img/forum/go_quote.gif why!? lol
why are there two now

nvm..sniff. i miss the old one

The other thread was so large that it was causing probs for the database. MINDY!! Miss you.....
aw, they closed my thread...


& how come everybody has a cool colors for the name and i have to still have purple here???

Right now its 82 according to wunderground. I wish it was still in the 70s. Thats the kind of weather that I like. Oh how I cant wait for fall to get here. Haha.

crazy hot in the bay area this past week. i'm just glad i don't live in sac. in the 90s right now i think.

I just checked the's 93 degrees here in Carson, Ca. I know I said I was staying in the house but I'm so bored. I think I'm going to Michael's to buy scrapbooking supplies. Scrapbooking is my latest obsession.