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Feb 18, 2007
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As you may be aware from my advice thread about my roomates and the dishes, I thought it was unfair I had to do them when I never was there and never got them dirty. Well, I have been having increasing problems/annoyances with the roomates still. They are too 'crazy' for me. I asked for a room switch and they said they had a really quiet room for me!! I get to move next week. Thrilled! I know most of you probably think im crazy for wanting 'quiet' in a college dorm, the time to 'party' but I am not like that at all! I hate partying and I am a shy quiet person.

Back to the dishes. The sink was full!! Both actually, filled to the top. I debated on wether or not to do it, none of it being mine. Well I did them. I washed all of mine and theirs, and I packed all mine away. I can't wait to see their reaction. They don't know im moving yet. Basically, I brought almost ALL the cups, save maybe two or three. They will not be able to drink for very long without needing to wash their stuff. I also took all my bowls, leaving them none. They have put me through a lot of crap, trashing the place with parties, waking me up at 3 am with drunkeness, expecting me to do their dishes, etc, for me this is pretty amusing! Also, since all of MY dishes and silverwear are packed away, I will only use my own until next week, and not do the dishes because mine are all in my room. Not to mention, less dishes, less mess, more often they have to clean.

I cant wait to move. I also find it amusing when I take all the nice stuff we have here, like the salt and pepper shakers, the coffee table that matches perfect with our room, and a bunch of pretty decorations I got. It's gonna look pretty empty when im gone.

Everyone hope that I get a good room! Im so excited.

Yay for Mindy! Thats great that you get to move, no one wants roomates from Hell! Good luck with everything girly!

I would love to see the looks on their faces...what goes around comes around. Good luck on your search

That's great! Nothing more annoying than people you are forced to live with that are completely non-compliant. Good luck on your move girl!

Oh, to be a fly on the wall when they see that! LOL! Best of luck w/ the new room!

That is great! I would love to see the looks on their faces, lol. I hope your new room is quieter. Please keep us updated.

Whats even stupider to this whole situation is they wont say it to my face. They told their friend who is my annoying neighbor, and the boy my roomate likes, that I never do the dishes, so today he came up to me and was have to do the dishes!!!! And all my roomates looked away awkwardly, yeah I know you talk about me!

hooray! your roommates sound really childish and gossipy, so its awesome you're getting away from them!

Yay! I'm glad you get to move to a new room! congrats on that

i'd love to see the look on their face when you move out too.. lol

Ohh how I remember the "Dish Wars"".. Who dirtied all the pans and didn't wash them?? Must have been that phantom roommate "Wasn't Me".. Never saw him but heard his name bandied about a lot!! Lol

And Mindy Sue!! Ya know your in a semi-socialist country?? Everyone has to pitch in or else you'll end up being just like those idiots to the south!! Hahahaha... Its the Canadian way!!! Better get use to it!!

Congrats, Mindy! I had a pain in the butt roommate my freshman year and my friends wanted me to move out, but I didn't have the guts. So I just put up with it. lol.

I really hope you enjoy your new place and new roommates!!!

Glad you got that all figured out! I understand wanting a quiet room, that's why I requested my own room! I hope your new room is wonderful!

I think everyone has a hell roommate once in their life. My first one freshman year was awful. But you will soon be out and hopefully have way better roomies.

I didn't think i'd have the guts either but im soo glad I did. I havent even moved yet and already my mood is lifted. I hate being here.

So happy for you - I hate people who will not pick up after themselves.

Hope the new roomies are real neat and quite.


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