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This week has been so stressful!

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Nov 15, 2006
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UGH! Im so glad this week is over!

heres what went wrong...

1. My and my bestfriend are having problems.. && of course thats stressful, enough said.

2. i got my cellphone taken away from rasing the bill up $100. And i know i deserve it but i hate not having it with me. I'm addicted to texting and it's torture. lol.

3. I got grounded cause yesterday night i came home a half an hour late but its not my fault there was traffic, i mean my friends mom can't drive over cars & i didn't have my phone to call my mom and let her know.

And i don't know my moms cellnumber!

4. Some how some way my mom heard this 'rumor' crazy crazy SO CRAZY rumor about me that's going around at school. That is veryyy untrue. So my moms upset about that [try going to school and having like 465465people ask you if its true]

5. My one friend [homecomming date whatever he was && the same kid the rumor involes] he's like the talk of the town and everybody assumes i must know everything about what school he's going to know.. such and such and such and such! Like i'm his keeper or something. I do have a life!

6. The first semster is ending and ugh, i had all theese exams today and i was working on no sleep cause i can't sleep too stressed and when i sleep i feel like im not working hard enough.