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Washable mascara

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Feb 16, 2007
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(I've searched through the boards for a while and haven't been able to find a string on this topic. If it's been talked about before, please redirect me!)


I'm looking for eye make up that's EASY to REMOVE. I know lots of people look for eye makeup that won't smudge during the day, but I have the opposite problem; mine won't come off! I adore the look of mascara and eye liner, but I'm hesitant to wear them since the removal process leaves me with sore, red eyes. I loved Lancome's Magicils, but I've kinda given up on mascara since they stopped making it. Waaah!

Or maybe it's a remover problem? I know there are good removers out there, maybe I just haven't found it yet. Lancome's Bi-Facil and Effacil don't do a thing for me. The best I've used so far is the Shu Uemura oil remover, which I use when I wear darker make up. But even still, I've all but given up on chemicals - physical removal seems to work best in my case. I rub my eye line on a towel after cleansing with three types of remover, and finish with a tissue. Even then, I still get some black under my eyes when I wash my face in the morning. *sigh*

Is there a mascara/liner that washes off easily without excessive rubbing? I don't want to pay for sparkly eyes with wrinkles five years down the road... Help please!