We Have to Days to Rehome Our Dogs or we Get Evicted

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Jan 3, 2006
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Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers

She may be barking out of boredom or she may have separation anxiety. =/

This is all just too much for me . . . I don't even know wtf to do.

I'm so sorry to hear this. Is there any way to see if you could muzzel them during the day? Maybe they will give you a 3 day trial....

I'm so sorry Kee. I don't know jack about dogs, but maybe if you find a way to comfort your pup, she will not feel like barking. Why don't you Google "excessive dog barking" and see what comes up. I'm sure there are lots of dog lovers out there who have had the same problem and perhaps have found a pet-friendly solution for it. It's worth a shot. Best of luck with it.

Originally Posted by Ohappydayes /img/forum/go_quote.gif It was my dog with the barking issues, I'm not sure what Kee's exact issue is, but please continue to pray for her!

Oh I'm sorry about the mix-up. I guess I misread. But, I still hope both of you find a solution that makes all parties happy.
I don´t have any dogs but I feel your pain, I am the biggest animal lover ever. Thank god my kitty doesn´t cause any troubles besides peeing in the house occasionally lol

I hope you guys can work something out!!!

Oh Kee, I hope you can find a solution. We have a no pets rule in our rented house.

I wish I could adopt your dogs! I hope you'll be able to find a good solution to the problem. You'll be in my thoughts.

Wow...sorry to hear that Kee. I hope you find a home for your dogs soon. I could just imagine how hard that would be! Maybe if you can find a friend or relative to keep them, then you could visit them often and you could still stay at your house. I'll pray for you and your dogs.

I'm so sorry to hear this Kee.
Is there a friend or relative who could take the dogs? I hope everything works out for you.
Please keep us updated.

Oh noes! This is terrible Kee
They wont let you keep them til you move or find a temporary home before you move? I would gladly take them to help you out and to piss my *****y neighbor off:p

Re the dog barking - I don't know about yours specifically, but often dogs bark because they are scared and are trying to 'act tough'. That's why the little dogs are so yappy - they're vulnerable. HTH <3 & prayers