Wet Application of Mineral Makeup

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Aug 2, 2007
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I know about the "tinted moisturizer" method, but how does one apply mineral makeup wet? Does it make the mmu last longer?

Also, how does one apply mineral eyeshadows wet?

I just dampen my kabuki a little bit, dip, swirl, and apply. It gives a creamier finish that I just like better, and a bit more coverage. Same thing with eyeshadow, dampen the brush, dip, swirl, apply.

I find that buying a facial mist spray like Aquafina's works way better than just plain water, and plus with the fine mist, you don't get places on your brush that are more wet. What I usually do is spray my face with the mist instead of my brush, and then just use a dry brush swirl it in the foundation and then apply it on my face like I would normally if I were doing it dry. It keeps the foundation from chunking in one place that's really wet. Plus the mist sprays usually have vitamins and whatnot in the water, so it gives your face more of a glow.

I've read that a flocked sponge is nice for applying mineral foundation wet.

Does anyone know if any local type stores sell them (i.e. Target, Walmart etc.)? I would like to try applying it wet but I don't want to use my kabuki for that.

sponge you can buy in EDM. there is.

but how you applying the MMU with the sponge? can you tell me please?


I really like Thais tutorial it's so helpful and totally changed they way I apply my makeup now.

Thai made her tutorial with kabuki.. and I want to see how can I applying my MMU with sponge..

Thank you so much

Originally Posted by Soccer Mom /img/forum/go_quote.gif Does anyone apply concealer wet under their foundation? I never did it but I can't see why not... Just be careful not to look too cakey.
Originally Posted by Soccer Mom /img/forum/go_quote.gif Does anyone apply concealer wet under their foundation? I've read on the moew forum that if you have red face it's good to apply one coat of frisky angora foundation which is yellow. I didn't have this foundation but I had frisky angora concealer which I got as a free sample.
I applied a thin layer of this concealer to my face. I used a wet method - spray on the kabuki, apply concealer on the kabuki and cover the face.

I was afraid it will look to heavy but it didn't. However when I apply concealer wet only to parts of my face it does not look good.

Yellow concealer all over face with wet method made my red face look flawless and without any visible redness.

Originally Posted by Soccer Mom /img/forum/go_quote.gif Does anyone apply concealer wet under their foundation? yes I do. I apply a wet concealer on my pigmantation and its not cakey!the coverage is great!


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