What are your have to have products to give you a glow?

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Nov 13, 2007
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you have to have them, and they are your go to products you reach for when you need the luminesent glow

MUFE's shine on powders, Body Shop's sun gel, Clinique's shimmering tones powders, Inglot cream blushes, MAC rose pigment mixed with moisturizer.

My bare minerals make my skin really glow but i use Black Radiance liquid bronzer mixed with Studio Fix for a great shimmer and glow.

revlon skinlights and mixing vanilla pigment with my moisturizer. Pursebuzz has a good tutorial on Youtube.

yes Ive seen that video from pursebuzz also, I really like her videos I love the glow she gets from vanilla pigment and her moisturiser.

Lily Lolo Stardust basically gold in a powder form, Agnès b Bulle de lumière which is another version of it, a tiny bit of neon yellow glitter from limecrime.

Shinkirou from Fyrinnae is also great on the browbone.

Stila AOS Liquid Luminizer #6... MAC Shimpagne MSF is good for along the cheeks too though. Oh! L'Oreal Shimmer of Hope All Over Glow (from the Color of Hope 2007 Campaign).

Nivea Silky Shimmer Lotion

MAC Strobe Cream

MUFE Face & Body Foundation

MAC Silver Dusk and/or Golden Bronze loose powder

MAC Vanilla and/or Golden Lemon Pigment

MAC Pro Gloss


MAC Naked Lunch e/s

Originally Posted by missjeffrey /img/forum/go_quote.gif Nivea Silky Shimmer Lotion Ive always seen this but ive never thought of trying it on my face. cool

Originally Posted by emily_3383 /img/forum/go_quote.gif Ive always seen this but ive never thought of trying it on my face. cool If you see any around, let me know!!!
Originally Posted by missjeffrey /img/forum/go_quote.gif If you see any around, let me know!!! lol ok. I think I have seen it around my Duane Reade. Ill definitely PM you if i see it.
I use MAC Mineralized Skinfinishes. For a golden glowy look, I use Gold Spill. I really love the skinfinishes because they still appear natural and they are very easy to apply (with a skunk brush).

I have so many products that offer a beautiful glow and I need to start using them!


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