What do you feel when first pregnant?

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Aug 18, 2005
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Ive just been told I am pregnant by my doctor. Ive not had my first scan yet so dont know how far I am gone but im in the early stages. The Doctor guessed at 6 weeks.

I have a question. Do you "feel" anything in your stomach when first pregnant. At the moment I have zero morning sickness, feel pretty damn fit but have a feeling like sort of wind or bloated feeling at the moment. No pain at all though. Is this normal. Have any of you ladies had the same symptoms.

Thank you

I had morning sickness. For 5 months, no joke. So the only think i felt was sick. But I believe that being "winded" is probably normal. You're going to notice that you'll be tired a lot more lately, and you'll tire out easily. So things like maybe taking a walk or jog, or even walking through the mall at a decent pace will be very tiresome.

I am 8 weeks pregnant now and have extreme nausea, very tender breasts, and I have to pee ALL the time!! I am also have trouble sleeping (probably because I am peeing all the time)!

I too get winded easily. Hopefully you won't get morning sickness....it's awful!

Congratulations and good luck!

I threw up 2 times my entire pregnancy - and one I think was from something I ate.

I would feel uneasy in the mornings...but it went away in the late morning and stopped happening at about...ohhh...3 months? Never to return.

But I was sleepy a lot...

LUCKY in pregnancy and LUCKY in motherhood. Evan is so tame - slept through the night since 5 weeks.

Every pregnancy is different. When I was pregnant I had no morning sickness and felt better than I ever felt in my life. The only difference was that I did nap a lot. I had a friend that was pregnant at the same time and was sick the entire nine months. I was lucky.

Barbiegirl - my pregnancy was exactly as you are describing - especially in the beginning. Somewhere in the middle I developed a food aversion to chicken, but that was it. No morning sickness, just a bloated feeling with sore breasts and a slight cramping in the beginning....Then my body felt really good until the 3rd trimester when I started to get too big and uncomfortable sleeping, etc. but you have a long way to go til then. good luck!

I never had morning sickness. I was tired. At about 2 months my pants became a little tighter but I was about 14 weeks before I felt that first flutter. It actually does feel like a little flutter. Hard to describe. By 4 months I was wearing looser shirts but not maternity. I bought jeans in a bigger size. By six months I had to break down and buy maternity pants and jeans but I was my biggest in the cold months and wore loose, regular sweaters so still maternity shirts weren't really necessary.

Well it was 25 years ago...I didnt show til my 5th month.I never had morning sickness.It was pretty easy going til labor time.

During my early pregnancy, I got "wind" easily and tender breasts and I need to pee very often! I experienced some sharp pain on my lower back as well.


When I am pregnant, the first thing I feel is soreness in my boobs. I also can't stand most smells and generally, I feel sick for the first (morning sickness) and third (really bad heartburn) trimesters.

My first pregnancy I found out really early, but I didn't get morning sickness at all. It started out, I got a urinary tract infection... my bf's mom was like "that's a sign of pregnancy.." I shrugged it off, but then I was late with my period. My whole pregnancy was great... I never really got sick at all... at night sometimes I would get pains, and it would be uncomfortable to sleep, but that's about it. Oh, and I gained 55 pounds.

This pregnancy is totally different. From day 1 until the last day of my first trimester, I had really bad morning sickness. It was an all day sickness actually. I'll be going into my 5th month soon, and I'm FINALLY feeling better. It is still so hard to get comfortable to sleep though. At my dr.'s appointments I've been losing weight rather than gaining... so I'm happy about that.

my lower back hurts.And i feel my right fallopian tube or like something is building down there possibly its weird.

when i was pregnant, nothing changed in my body. no pain, no nothing. i just had a bloody nose every morning. i even had no morning sickness. every pregnancy is different.

i found out i was pregnant three weeks ago, and i havent been feeling too good, ive had mornig sickness really bad headaches, needing to wee alot, and nearly fainted twice at work. everything i hav read in the pregnancy books say this should pass as soon as i get into the second trimester, so fingres crossed!

Dude, I feel horribel (shhhh)...

I feel nauseas and bloated, thirsty but peeing all the time. I'm tired, grumpy and emotional... And to top it all off, I can't throw up, so I'm getting diarrhea... It's soooo uncomfortable. I want to hit my bf, cuz he thinks "It's a good sign, means the baby's developing properly..."

I want to HIT HIM!!!

Well Im 9 weeks I have bad morning sickness that it most days all day and my belly hurts alot..... I do belive it is growing pains but Im not such. Im only 17 though and in High School I think the getting up at 6 in the morning every morning doesnt help cause on the mornings i can slleep in I dnt really have any morning sickness but I such do when I get up early or even sometimeswhen i stay up to late and get to terid. I hope that helps you understand something. 

Hi Felt really sleepy and I had this feeling like I was light headed and going to throw up!  I remember all I wanted to eat was a baked potatoe with sour cream and butter!


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