What do you prefer? Straight, Curly, or Wavy?

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Oct 15, 2007
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What is your favorite way to style your hair

Straight, Curly, or Wavy?

What tools and products do you use to style your hair?

In the summer i leave it naturally curly and in the winter i blow dry/ straighten alot. I mostly do that because I get cold and i like the heat of the hairdryer. lol


I have natural tight curls that puff out when dry.

In order to keep it straight I put leave in conditioner, has to be of thick texture - none of that gooey mess. And use my round ConAir blow dryer that has built in hard bristles.

The products I use differ.

It all depends on my mood, and my outfit of course.

If I had to choose I'd say curly. My hair is over halfway down my back now and very thick. I adore it when it's really curly and big. But it really does depend on my mood/outfit/makeup or even the earrings or necklace I want to wear, lol. I don't do it curly all the time though because it's harder for me to get it the way I want it. I usually wear it stick straight or with big waves or bedhead.

Oh I forgot to put how I style it.

Curly- usually some sponge rollers and styling lotion. then when I take them out I separate them with my fingers and some serum and use a small curling iron on any pieces that look out of whack.

Straight- ION flat iron and Matrix Sleek look thermal smoother.

Wavy- Large hot rollers, hairspray.

Bedhead- Several different ways I might do this, but I usually just put some pomade in my hair and throw it up in a bun while it's wet. And then when it's dry I take it down and use some more pomade to scrunch it and mess it up.

I prefer *healthy* textured. If I braided my hair to go to sleep the night before, I will wear it wavy. If I do a full head wrap the night before, I will wear it straight. If I put in rag curls, then I will wear it curly. I like it in all different kind of styles, they are all favorites to me.

I guess straight. I have naturally straight hair and even if I curl it (which takes forever because it is super long) the curl won't hold! BOO!

I have wavyish hair with a little frizz in it, i use Herbal Essences "totally twisted" scrunching gel and then diffuse it..it comes out good!

I have a wavy hair so I prefer wavy for me. I like straight hair for the simplicity but I find it boring sometimes.

As for the tools/profucts I never use any hair straigtening tools so I use only ionic hair dryer with cool air flow and use leave-in conditioner and Tsubaki oil/Zero Frizz Quick Fix Instant Glistening Mist for a healthy quick style.

Always straight.... and my tool of choice is a wig!! lol so much easier that having to to my real hair which sucks big time...

tousled, lol. that's the only way my hair looks no matter what i do. as for styling products, apart from some conditioner on the lengths, none, especially if it's windy outside because all the good work is ruined in seconds. on extremely rare occasions i'll steal mom's elnett.

Originally Posted by luxotika /img/forum/go_quote.gif I guess straight. I have naturally straight hair and even if I curl it (which takes forever because it is super long) the curl won't hold! BOO! My hair is like yours
I think SJP's hairstyle is attractive but right now my hair is extremely long (reaching to tail bone) so to have it straight means less volume, probably less maintenance, so I would say straight for now.

I don't put anything on my hair. just blow dry and brush.

My hair is naturally curly and I will wear it like that if I dont feel like fussing with it. However, most of the time I straighten it with a flat iron.

Depends on my mood, outfit, and what I'm doin. Usually its straight, but if its raining or if I'm goin out at night, I wear it curly, cuz it'll just be frizzy otherwise! Then I use Just for me hair oil and diffuse it to dry. My hair doesnt really do wavy, unless I braid it first. For straight I use Redken Smooth down before and after I flat iron.

Curly. My grows naturally in an afro, and it'd take too much time to straighten and it ptobably wouldn't last long.

I mostly just wash and go.

i like all styles, but i keep my hair curly because its easier for me to take care of


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