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Feb 18, 2007
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I don't really miss my home town yet, I don't miss my room..I don't even miss my family or friends yet I miss this...so much it hurts!


My sister just sent this to me now..I want to kiss/hug him soo bad

My mom says he walks around looking for me all the time, wont even go in my room anymore..just sits outside the door waiting. He is/was my life! I want my baby! I've been trying not to think of him so I don't get sad but my heart just melted when she sent me that!

Awwww... I'm so sorry.. He is beautiful. I'm afraid of cats, but I think white ones are gorgeous. It sucks when you have to leave your pet. I have a bichon frise, that I had to leave when I moved, and when I do see him now, it's just like old times. He still loves me the most.
Don't worry, your cat won't forget about you... whenever you get to visit home he'll be all over you like you never left.

I know you still miss him lots though.

Aww what a cutie. I know how you feel, I really miss my 3 kitties at home too

Awww what a cutie! If I had to leave my kitties I would die, hope you get to see him soon!

Originally Posted by empericalbeauty /img/forum/go_quote.gif Wow....erm, hopefully you are reunited with your cat soon. I don't get why you said wow...erm? I feel like you're rolling your eyes at me or something
I'm so sorry Mindy! He's beautiful, he looks like one of my babies, Sammy, except my white cat is frickin mean half the time. I know how much comfort and love I get from my kitties, and I know how bad it must suck to not have him. I'm sowwy!

Aww...your cat is a cutie, that's for sure! Will you be able to come down to the States to visit him every once in awhile?

Im going back for holidays, christmas being the closest one! I cant wait to see him!

Why don't you get a little pet such as a beta fish or gold fish. Lots of students in dorms have a small pet - they just don't advertise it.

Your cat is gorgeous.

I mentioned a while ago about volunteering at the humane society at Clarke Road and Oxford Street. I was there in the spring and they had about 15 dogs that had to be walked daily. All the pets there - cats, rabbits and so forth need human touch so they can be socialized.

I'm so sorry Mindy. I know what it is like to miss a pet. Your kitty is so cute! Your cat will be very happy to see you when you go back home for the holidays.

Originally Posted by MindySue /img/forum/go_quote.gif I don't get why you said wow...erm? I feel like you're rolling your eyes at me or something Uhm no. I just havent felt that way towards a pet so its kinda awkward for me. However, I still empathize with you because I know how it feels to miss someone so..yeah.."wow..erm"..is me being awkward.

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