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What other companies should I try??

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Dec 24, 2007
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I have been using mmu for a while now and still haven't found a lot that I really really like. I am really getting tired of sampling and sample baggies and jars! I got rid of a bunch of samples in a big swap a while back and I'm ready now to get rid of some more. I've tried quite a few companies so I am going to list here what I've tried - I am hoping based on this to get some ideas of some must-try brands that are still out there that I've missed!!

Everyday Minerals - hard for me to find a good color match; also the foundation just doesn't last that well on me (even the intensive). By the middle of the day it's patchy. The eyeshadows and blushes are okay, but nothing I can't live without. Their concealers may end up being my go-to's though, because I haven't found any other concealers I like better yet.

Signature Minerals - found a good color match (medium beige 5.3) right away. However, the coverage is so sheer that I have to use LOTS of product to get the degree of coverage that I want. It then lasts on me much better than Everyday Minerals though, which is a plus. I was a little disappointed in their lack of choices of colors of blush and eyeshadows.

Ocean Mist - my picky skin reacted to all of their products, plus my eyes reacted horribly to their eyeshadows. There must be some ingredient in their products that I'm allergic to.

Meow - loved the Flawless Feline formula in the Naughty Siamese shade. I thought I'd finally found the perfect foundation, and then it made my skin break out, as well as causing burning and rough texture. I think it is because of a higher concentration of zinc oxide (zinc oxide is the 2nd ingredient in this) because I had this happen with another foundation with a similar ingredient list (I will explain below.)

The other 2 formulas (Purrfect and Pampered) just weren't heavy enough coverage for what I wanted, and I didn't care for any of Meow's other products at all.

M*A*D Minerals - same issues with their foundations as with the Meow flawless feline - breakouts, rough texture to my skin, and burning. Their foundation has the same ingredients as the Meow Flawless Feline with the only difference being that Meow has boron nitride and M*A*D does not.

Lure Beauty - I do like their Luminous formula in the summer when I have a tan and don't need as much coverage. The coverage is sheer and the staying power is minimal. I have also found their foundations and veil to be too drying for me in the winter since they contain kaolin clay.

Cory - I am currently testing the samples. I really like her blushes and eye shadows - she has really lovely colors, and everything is very pigmented. Her foundations have great heavy coverage, but surprisingly the coverage doesn't last that well on me either. By the middle to end of my workday my face is red again. Plus I think the foundation is making my face break out too. It is so TD heavy though that I'm not really surprised.

Oh, and I almost forgot that I ordered samples from Silk Naturals, but I never mixed the foundation. When I saw those teeny samples I didn't know how I would ever get anywhere with the mixing thing. I just don't think mixing is for me, and I've also read that it isn't very heavy coverage. I think I will pass on this until if and when she comes out with a heavier coverage formula I may revisit it.

I don't know - maybe I am expecting too much to expect the foundation to last all day - but that's really what I want. I know there are many other companies out there that I haven't tried (even though to me it seems like I've tried a LOT!) I have come *this* close to trying Lumiere multiple times - but don't know what formula to try - and their foundations have a lot of ingredients so it makes me nervous about reactions etc. If anyone who loves Lumiere is reading this, please give me your ideas and opinion. I've also never tried Monave, which I know some people love. I may still try their foundation, but if I do I will try it through Elegant Minerals, who I have heard is a reseller of Monave and I think the foundation is cheaper through Elegant Minerals.

PS - I forgot that I tried samples and one LipJunk from the She Space. The samples are small, but the colors seem nice, and I do like the Lip Junk. I guess I didn't really count this though because she doesn't sell foundation.

Any other suggestions of must-try companies before I give it up???!!!

Thanks in advance.