Whats your fav place to eat at!!

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Aug 30, 2007
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what is your favorite place to eat at? fast food? or restaraunt style?

i would have to say red lobster and ruby tuesdays

in the US: Applebees (love their desserts) and Olive Garden, and any mexican restaurant!

And I love Fastfood from Taco Bell!!!

and here I love to eat at my favorite Mexican Restaurant or any place that has great steaks!

Tijuana Flats

I've hated Ruby Tuesday's ever since I was 22. lol. I went there with a group, and the host handed me a children's menu without asking. The menu was for children 10 and under. So yeah. It's a matter of principle. lol!

We don't go to a lot of large chain restaurants. Our favorite restaurants are local ones.

For very casual dining, such as burgers, my boyfriend loves The Counter in Santa Monica. You create your own burgers. You choose the weight (the patties are weighed after cooking), the toppings, the sauce, and the bread. I think there are two more Counters in California.

For casual dining that's slightly more upscale, my boyfriend and I love going to Pete's Cafe in Downtown. A big factor is that we are friends with some of the people who work there, and everyone there is wonderful.

I like eating at the Olympia Diner. It's a Greek restaurant with great steak, seafood etc.

For fast food such as burgers etc, I like eating at Salisbury House.

I like local places. My all time favorite was a place in Toronto called The Rebel House. In Chicago I am really fond of a bunch of little places.

i have a list of them. what i love about olympia is that everywhere ive eaten downtown has been awsome to pretty damn good.

my fav. is Ottos (local breakfast place).

BBQ's because its cheap. lol My friend and I go to Applebee's and this Sushi place that gives you half off when you buy $15 worth of sushi.

we also like the local spots..... but i can go anywhere and fine something to eat.... eating out is the best!

Applebees and Fridays for a night out with friends...their appetizers are so yum! Fastfood...I would have to say Taco Bell, this Mexican food place here called Los Pericos (they've got great quesadillas), and the best burgers ever-- Carl's Jr., Taxis, and Fuddruckers.

I also like this restaurant called On the Border and Cheesecake Factory. MMm....I'm hungry now!!!

Fast-food- Rubios, Del Taco

Mexican- La Tolteca (near my house) for tacos- El Rey in Chino or King Taco in El Monte

Chain restaurant- Chilis and On The Border

Steak- Northwoods Inn

Japanese- Shogun

I love Mexican food! Yummmyy

I like tony roma's ribs house, and I like hurricanes at bondi, which is steak and ribs, and I also like a particular thai restaurant in my local area. It has the most awesome thai food ever

popular: Olive Garden

lesser known: a place called Highway Harry's- sounds like a truckstop, lol, but is actually the most classy, romantic place to eat that I have ever been to...

the best meal i ever had was at bobbi flay steakhouse in the borgata casino/hotel. very pricey, but well worth it.

the best restaurant that i go to locally is my parent's italian restaurant. i may be biased, but our food gets rave reviews, and some people drive over two hours to eat there. jack palance (not sure if anyone knows who he is... he starred in city slickers, and a bunch of other movies) told my parents numerous times, that he liked eating in our restaurant better than spago's. the food is excellent.

my fav. chain restaurants would be either olive garden or red lobster.

I Love applebees olive garden and red lobster. We dont go to OG & RL alot though they are out of town. But the last time we were at rl we got 125$ meal for free.

Fast food i really like chiken nuggets from mc donalds.

YOSHINOYA without a doubt, I've gotten people addicted to this stuff! It's the best food I've ever tasted.

my fav place is red robin and olive garden.. olive garden is expensive but if you share a plate with someone and just eat the salad and breadsticks you get full in no time and you spend like under 10 dollars