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May 6, 2004
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I just ordered my current fave perfume from strawberrynet.com.. I'm getting JLO's Still. I'm loving it at the mo.

I ordered RL Romance for my sis coz she wants that for Xmas. It only cost me 39euro on strawberrynet but if i was to buy it in Ireland, its 65!

Don't u just LOVE internet shopping & bargains!!!

I've never been one to change my perfumes until recently. I used to always wear Gloria by Cacherel but i'm getting into other perfumes now. I'm always afraid that i'd wear one that I like but others might have to hold their noses when i pass!!

This time of year is when I switch to my warmer, spicey scented perfumes. Right now I am switching around here and there, I use "Vanilla musk", sometimes a little "Opium", and one that I used to wear back in the 70's called "Your the Fire", by Yardley, they don't make it anymore but I won a bottle on Ebay last year, believe it or not, it still smells like it did all those years ago, I love it but have to wear it sparingly has I haven't been able to find it again. I also sometimes wear another one that I found on Ebay called "Babe", it too was discontinued years ago by Faberge. I just hate when they quit making stuff like that.
Originally Posted by Harleymom10860 I just hate when they quit making stuff like that. Me too.. I only started using L'Oreal Shine Delice lippies this year & fell in love with one particular colour, then they go & discontinue them
I usually faithful to just one perfume which is "Laila", but I have a chance to smell Armani Mania, and I really did like it, may treat myself to it!!

Mine is Armani Mania. I saw 1oz size in the sephora catalog. I'm sure it's cheaper at strawberrynet.com com. I love that site by the way. I've ordered so many times from them without any problems.

Just treated myself to Mania and love it!!!

Originally Posted by Reija(admin) Mine is Armani Mania. I saw 1oz size in the sephora catalog. I'm sure it's cheaper at strawberrynet.com com. I love that site by the way. I've ordered so many times from them without any problems.
I have 2 favorites that I switch back and forth with... First is "Pure Grace" by Philosophy... so light and clean... love it! Other is Ralph Lauren Blue... little stronger, deeper, but still fresh and clean smelling. In the summer I also use "Byblos" - defitnitly a summer perfume. (It's a little sweet) But I got my Ulta rewards in the mail - so I think when I am there tomorrow I am going to check out that Armani mania - I've heard a lot of good things about it. Plus if you spend $30 or more on perfume @ Ulta, you get a free 16"X20" mirror ! Gotta love free gifts! LOL

Hey guys! Got my Rewards coupon yesterday from ulta - Level 7 (woohoo!) I got the 2.5 oz of the Armani Mania - heard all your raves - so i thought I'd check it out - smells good! It retails there for $62.50 but with my rewards - I got it for $14 and a free Ulta lipliner! Niiiiice!
Unfortunatly - a level 7 means I've spent about $350 in the last few months!

I also got their new hand/body lotions (Xmas tubes) for 99 cents each... got the Vanilla and the Cranberry Punch - they are nice too! Very creamy & smell so delish'!

Have to say though... those Ulta rewards let you pick out some good stuff! Definitly reccomend getting their free card - and make sure you use it w/ every transaction - points really add up! I got to pick something from level 6 and something from level 1 (or any level combo that adds to 7 - my latest total) so I used the $45 credit from level 6 toward the perfume.. and the level one for the free Lipliner - very cool!

good gravy, level 7? lol. im going to take away your wallet! you spent that much in 3 months? :p /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

i do like the cranberry punch lotion, but its not a big seller for some reason.

my faves at the moment are:

guerlain lovely cherry blossom

issey miyake l'eau d'issey

lolita lempicka (as always)

urban decay sin perfume oil (my new fave)

dolce and gabanna light blue

Wow! How awesome! Sounds like really great rewards!! Especially the Armani Mania! I want that so bad.
I haven't ever visited an Ulta store but they just put a new one in not too far from my house so I better go check it out.

Oh you poor girl! LOL They are very nice stores, have everything from hair, to nails, to skin & makeup... and everything in between!
They even have a salon in the store as well. They sell drugstore type hair and makeup products as well as salon & department store brands as well. They have a sale about every 2 weeks where you can get a coupon in the Sunday papers or online at their website. Oh! I also forgot to mention that I also took advantage of another 'doorbuster' and got a small pump bottle of Creative Sensations lotion in "Black Cherry & Nutmeg" by Creative Nail - smells nice n' fruity (almost reminds me of the Cranberry punch or a plumeria) Also triedout a bottle of St. Ives new "Aroma Steam" body wash in Almond n' Cream - Love it! So all in all, it was a good day

ulta is a B&M store, but they also have a website. like janelle said, they have a full salon (no bikini waxes, though) any salon hair care brand you could think of, mass cosmetics (not jane), designer fragrances, and prestige cosmetics like urban decay, hard candy, elizabeth arden, iman, etc. they dont carry the entire line of those prestige brands, but very nearly.

the club card rewards program is a card similar to a kroger or hallmark card. it tracks your spending (a dollar a point) and levels are in $50 increments. rewards come out 4x a year. they give you a sheet of what to pick from your particular level. you also get the special club card member circulars every week (better than the ones in the paper) with all of the sale items.

prestige cosmetics often go on buy one get one, unlike at department stores. they have a ton of fragrance GWPs all the time.

is there anything else youd like to know?

Shoot........ there are only 3 stores in Florida and none of them are close by, 2 in Orlando but that is over an hour drive from here.
Oh harley, I feel for you! And Shoey! You don't know Ulta!?!? Where have you been hiding!!! LOL Just think... if you had been at Ulta buying all your beauty prods'... you'd have gotten your Armani mania for $13 too!
You gotta check it out! Halo's right, they send you catalogs in the mail with coupons usually for $3.50 off a $10 purchase, or 20% off an item... etc... Usually they are better than the ones in the Sunday papers... Plus 4x a year you get to pick out free stuff with wwhat you earn from shopping there. And being they sell just about everything in beauty & hair, you'd be surprised how fast the points add up! They also sell fitness tapes & dvds, smoothie makers, parrafin wax baths, razors, hair accesories, brushes,hair tools etc... (You get the idea) So a lot of things you pick up in the drug store or supermarket - you can buy there for points!

For me, this week its Estee Lauder Intuition cause it comes

in a solid stick that so easy to just take with me in

when I'm on the go.

Stella is my new year-round fave. It's a rose floral that isn't too strong, not too granny, and not too wimpy. It's just right!

In winter months, when I want something a little stronger, I like Versace Jeans Couture Woman.

Lolita Lempicka is also another year-round fave of mine. I love the licorice notes in it.

For men, YSL Body kouros & Lolita Lempicka Man get my vote! Yum!

I have four favorites that I cycle through, although the one I list first is my *favorite* favorite, lol.

CK Sheer Obsession

RL Romance

RL Ralph

Clinique Happy (but not Happy Heart, it smelled UCK on me, lol!)

I'm also enjoying some samples I got recently, including Body by Victoria's Secret and a couple of Gap scents.


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