What's your favorite holiday Foods?

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Dec 23, 2006
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I love thanksgivings we always bake all types of cakes and pies my favorite is cheesecake.

mmm pies of all kinds! pumpkin pie, apple pie, banana cream pie! for actual food I love the green bean casserole my mom makes for thanksgiving too.

oooh I love the sausage stuffing mum makes for the turkey. Because we dont have thanks giving thats what we have for christmas. So delicious though!

The holidays wouldn't be the same without my grandfathers dressing. He died many years ago and my grandmother has made it since. Now she can't see very well and the torch has been passed to me. It'll never be his but I get it close.


I love turkey with graving. And a regional dish made here on my state that is duck with cassava fermented juice and jambu (a local plant)


my fav dessert for the holidays has to be my aunts' bread pudding! she has spoiled me with this dish. i can't eat bread pudding any where else. thank goodness it's only once a year! when my grandma was alive she used to bribe me with my favorite dish of all time, a creole dish of fried okra w/shrimp and riice. i miss my grandma!

Turkey and gravy over rice

mac and cheese

potato salad

damn I am getting hungry!

my mom makes oyster stuffing for thanksgiving which is so good, and i love mac and cheese for the holidays also i love my grandma strudle cake its a german cake, and i love all choco cakes!!! i like cranberrys for thanksgiving and creamy mash potatoes mmm ymmu

Sage and onion stuffing for the chicken!! I live in USA now, but still crave this stuffing you buy in UK, and I was used to growing up.

I just love the whole (culinary) picture. The turkey-mash potatoes-gravy-green beans-pies. I ride my bike all year just to keep the holiday pounds from gaining ground...it's not working.

I love Thanksiving dinner. Sausage stuffing, and sweet potato casserole especially. Plus my homemade cranberry sauce made will extra brandy. I can't wait.

Originally Posted by saintcloudgirl /img/forum/go_quote.gif Will you share your recipe for Cranberry sauce with brandy? Sure! I'll post it by tonight... if that's okay.

Honey-baked ham, green bean casserole, and spinach maria. So good!

Ohhh.....It's coming up isn't it. Let the pre-Holidays starvation begin. I love mashed potatoes, green beans, nice big salad and red cabbage sald...yum.


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