What's Your Go-To Style When You're Having Hair Troubles?

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Jan 10, 2007
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According to a study, those who have bad hair days suffer from lower self-esteem than those who feel good about their hair. The kicker of it all is that males seem to be even more affected than females — how about that?

So how do you handle a bad hair day?

something evil one calls "the peacock" otherwise known as the hump, the poof whatever only on a smaller scale. i just clip my bangs back

The classic high ponytail has always been my bestfriend but I recently cut my hair off at the neck so I won't be wearing that style for a while.

If I'm wearing my hair straight, I go for a high pontytail and wrap hair around the band. If my hair is curly, I just pin it up for a mesy up-do.

I try to wet it and put gel in to curl it and put it in a ponytail. I had to do that last week. lol

I have a bun that I gel my hair into an updo and just snap the bun on top.

I wear it in a big messy birds nest on the top of my head and then wrap a long scarf around my head.

My hair is short now, so I need a million bobby pins if it's misbehaving.. If curly I pin it all bad into sort of a bun, if straight I back comb the crown and can get a little pony.

When I had long hair in college.... A bad hair day would always start with either a regular pony tail... Sometimes pig tails.. Which used to get me some looks.. Lol. And once in a while a single pony tail straight up up on top of my head... Now a days if I'm having a bad hair day I just switch wigs.. I always take along 4 different wigs so its quick and easy..

Originally Posted by dentaldee /img/forum/go_quote.gif I wear it in a big messy birds nest on the top of my head and then wrap a long scarf around my head. Oh my goodness, there isn't a single bad hairday that a cute scarf can't fix.
Hair pieces (phony ponytails, falls & wigs)!
You can have a good hair day all the time! They can be addictive like makeup and clothes-good times!


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