What's your MUT Timeframe?

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Jan 3, 2006
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I'm no good for this question because my sleeping schedule is so messed up.

Today I woke up at 7:30 PM. It's 3am now, and I'll probably be on until tomorrow morning sometimes. Anywhere from 8am to noon would be my guess.

If I had a regular sleeping schedule it would probably be something like . . .

10am-10pm (Newfoundland Time) but with breaks in between here and there to watch a movie or eat, etc.

the whole day
i never switch off my comp during the day !

I always come back to here in between work, getting dressed, goofing off, e-mailing, etc, etc...haha

I don't have a time frame. I always come on at random times throughout the day.

Originally Posted by Tony(admin) /img/forum/go_quote.gif is that your answer Jess? no? haha. I don't understand the question. But i felt like i should respond!
The question was what time of the day are you usually on? What's your time frame?

I'll say.. uhh 2:00pm until like 6:30am. haha.

i dont have a life during the summer.

When I´m staying home I´d say 12am to 12pm (Central European Time), with lots of breaks in between.


lets see

i woke up at 5 at the morning and if i have time im here until 5:30

and when i return from work im here again for like 3 houres andthan befor im going to sleep at 9 until 10 or 11 so i guss in here like 6 houres a day

On and off from 7am - 5 pm then on for a bit between 8 and 10pm... here and a few other forums and my 360... and IM.... lol