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Mar 29, 2007
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As many of you know, my company is feeling the crunch of the housing market crisis, being that it is a Design Center for semi-custom premium homes, and, well, no one is buying million dollar houses at the moment.

Awhile ago I wrote how my coworker got laid off.

Well, I had this GUT feeling on Thursday that said, "you know, I should send out my resume." and stayed up until 3am sending it out.

Yesterday they let go 25% of our company. My department used to be 8 strong, and now there are two. I still have a job, for now.

In the midst of our office hitting this panic turmoil, I received 3 phone calls for interviews, I am very grateful for that. But of those 3 phone calls was one for a position i have been dreaming of forever- as an Exec Administrator / Proj Coordinator for the Principal Designer at an Architecture / Design Firm in San Francisco.

Their Principal designed two of SF's most prestigious restaurants, La Folie & Fleur de Lys (if any of you watched the first season of Top Chef- it was the restaurant of their first challenge)

So I had a phone interview last night and they want to see me tomorrow!!!

i am going to go shop for an interview outfit- I am looking for something like this-

so wish me luck!!! i really want this, AND i don't know how long my job can keep me.


I really could have worn a garbage bag, he was so busy. He gave me basically 15 minutes to explain my qualifications, just bare bones... Good thing I don't stutter.

"Can you write business correspondences, do you know Autocad, Can you read construction plans, do you know your basic building codes, what were your studies in architecture and design... how much do you need to make?" (((lots and lots of scribbling and underlining all over my resume)))


I have no idea what that means.

UPDATE 1/7/08:


they let go of my entire department. I am now officially without a job.


now i really hope the interview went well!!!

Awwww Good LucK sweetie pie!!!! I know you'll ace the interview!!!! I love the choice of outfit
I hope you get the job!!!

Sorry your job is uncertin at the moment and I wish you the very best of luck for your interview. Your choice of outfit will be great for your interview.

Best of luck! I'm sure you'll ace the interview! Nice outfit too - very professional!

you'll look stunning and do great, *I* feel it in MY gut
I have all my fingers and toes crossed for you.

Good luck!! I hope everything works out the way you want! That outfit is awesome, btw!

well, my outfit couldn't be any further from the outfit i wanted. i never had a chance to leave the house today... a series of mishaps and events created by this storm, basically our entire back patio is just a big swampy mess, and my husband's work shed got flooded.

so i have to wear what's in the closet and what clean... grrr

so this is it, well, a close copy at least.

It's more unstructured than I wanted to portray, but what can you do? hopefully my experience, achievements, and portfolio will shine through this train wreck of an outfit.


My friend who works for an online shoe store is lending me her power red Stuart Weitzman heels. i am actually really panicking right now. Architectural & design firms are very aesthetically based and of course visual impressions are incredibly important.

I just need to focus on clean, well put together hair and makeup and a strong Q & A.

I'd shop tomorrow, but the interview is at 2.30, and it's about an hour away, more or less.

I like that outfit too. It IS softer, less structured, but not in a bad way. It still retains a professional, sharp look to it. If you get up early you'll have plenty of time to shop
good luck!


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