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You and Makeup: Share and Tell

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Feb 17, 2004
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How old were you when you first started wearing makeup? What was the learning experience like? Who helped/influenced you? Here's my answer: I was 13 and in junior high. I'd asked my mom if I could wear some makeup and if so, would she teach me?? Also, that was the same time I'd asked to shave my legs. Haha. My dad said "why??" I said "because I don't want to look like a gorilla." I think he had a hard time with it because it was a sign that I was becoming a woman... sigh. It took him 2 weeks to okay it. Um, anyway... my mom showed me how to apply it. She tweezed my eyebrows a bit which hurt. She put on light eyeliner, eyeshadow and some nasty orange-colored lipstick. I LOVED everything but the lipstick. But when I first looked at myself in the mirror, I was shocked! OMG instant woman!!! I looked a few years older and I started to think I might be even kinda pretty .. but I wasn't sure. LOL. The next day, I put on my makeup ... minus the orange lipstick. My dad took me out to play tennis. I am not sure if my feelings reflected reality, but I felt different. I did not feel like a little girl anymore and I noticed that my dad was kinda looking at me funny. (I wondered if there was some kind of bra that would staple down my boobs since they bothered me and I didn't want to have any.. especially not around my dad). So there ya have it. My dad got used to it. There was a new "distance" between us as we both did some adjusting. Soon, I started putting highlights in my hair with lemon and discovered boys. This new world was not so bad after all. It was a tad more exciting than the old one.