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Nov 6, 2006
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Im looking for a new one. Right now im using Maybelline Great lash and xxl curl but i want something else.

Whats your favorite, and why? Also does it flake?

Max Factor 2000 Calorie is my choice for drugstore. DiorShow is my favorite for a higher end one. Both dont smudge or flake on me

Cover Girl Fantastic Lash is my favorite. It doesn't flake. It's really volumizing and lengthening and it holds a curl after you curl your lashes. It's pretty cheap-- worth a try!

I'm using Too Faced Lash Injection.It doesnt flake and it comes off easily.

What it is:

Super-volumizing and lengthening mascara.

What it is formulated to do:

This exclusive, 3D formula actually builds tubes around each lash. This " Lash Injection " has unique elastic polymers that curl, fatten, and stretch far beyond the natural lash. This adds extreme volume, curl and length for that costly lash extension look without any of the hassle, pain or commitment. . You will no longer see clumps and lumps - but long, gorgeous, fluttering, new and improved eyelashes.

What else you need to know:

With a flick of the specially-designed "GIANT" wand lashes will be injected with indelible, weather-proof color. Substantial percentages of jojoba and vitamin E deeply condition lashes to prevent breakage and damage that can result in broken or sparse lashes. Easily removable with soap and warm water or eye make-up remover, this amazing mascara doesn't dissolve and smudge like any ordinary mascara. Lash Injection comes off in tiny tubes, like little lash socks!

I bought MAX Factor and Maybelline and a whole bunch of other brands... I think L'Oreal Telescopic is perhaps my favorite just because it lengthens and can easily grab all lashes - no flaking! I know you have that one, Ash. ( Haha stalker much?)

Maybe buying a different mascara primer will solve your problem?

lol ive been out for a while and i just grab maybelline when i go to the store & thats it.

At least someone know what I have
ill probably just get it again.

YSL- Everlong

Why? It makes your lashes long....extra bushy (thick)and just full! and long!!! Try ladies...

I am intrigued by this YSL Everlong. Is it new?

My favorite currently is Lash Injection. It does not flake and gives me very noticeable lashes.

I absolutely adore Imju fibrewig (see grayburn.blogspot) for more info! This one lasts all day, does not flake and comes in black or brown. As the name implies, it has fibre in it which extends lashes wonderfully.

lancome definicils. my lashes are naturally pretty long and this is stuff makes them insane! people ask me if my lashes are real all the time! cool! i also keep a tube of great lash in blackest black in my bag as well. the best $5 i ever spent!

Chanel Inimitable is a good one. Gives a good volume, length and speraration.

Clinique High Defination gives a good volume too.

Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Lashes Makes my Lashes Long with a good volume.

clinique high impact, really makes my lashes thick and black, glides on like a dream.


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