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I'm on Ebay a lot - and of course, MakeupTalk!
Also, local store's websites.

Well MuT of course is my fave! I also love browsing through Sephora,, eBay.. Anything beauty related i'll have a look at

I check out and just to see what the new makeup items are and to see the new color collections. I do a lot of window shopping online. I think it's fun to just browse around without having your wallet suffer. I also check out some magazine websites like, and

I'm new to this forum **waves**

I also like to visit MUA &

I started out long ago on Allure's forums; but there was even more drama on there than MUA. (hard to believe, yes I know!)

I am always browsing on Sephora!! Why?! I don't know! I think I just like to look at the products & dream!

I also visit swaptawk &

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What is everyone's favorite websites besides MuT? Post here. Looking at new ones should be fun!

I like FOXNEWS, Webmaster world, MSN, Google news, Ebay, DHTML Central
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I absolutley LOVE It has everything industry related from makeup artists to photographers, props, everything. If you need an elephant on a persian rug, riding a motorcycle,for a photoshoot, it can be found here! it's awesome.

Hey there! Welcome to MakeupTalk!
I like Sky News Showbiz section for all the up to date gossip on celebrities!

Ebay of course, there not a day that goes by that I just have to browse :icon_love

Livejournal, Myspace, Ebay, MSNBC, CNN... but the one were I post the most and visit often is MUT!

I like Yahoo for their news & for obvious reasons...I don't spend very much time at any other sites.