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Contest - Giveaway: Sugarpill Cosmetics - Create a look called Colorful Winter Wonderland! (Value $415!) [CLOSED]

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MakeupTalk and Sugarpill Cosmetics have teamed up again for the second time this year!  The makers of this vibrant highly pigmented cosmetics company and MakeupTalk will host a montage of a contest/giveaway for a 22 day contest! 


1 Grand Prize Winner($250 value)

2 runner up winners(each receiving $82 value)


Grand Prize winner will receive these wonderful products

  • Total Package Value: $250


Two Runner Up winners will receive these wonderful products


  • Total Package Value: $82



Sweetheart palette - Retail Value $34



Goldilux Loose Eyeshadow - retail value $12




Tiara Loose Eyeshadow - retail value $12




Bulletproof Pressed Eyeshadow - retail value $12




Stella Loose Eyeshadow - retail value $12




Asylum Loose Eyeshadow - retail value $12




Lumi Loose Eyeshadow - retail value $12



Royal Sugar Loose Eyeshadow - retail value $12



Absinthe Loose Eyeshadow - retail value $12




To enter the giveaway contest:

  1. Create an original look based your interpretation of a "Colorful Winter Wonderland." (mandatory to win)

  2. Reply ONCE only to this thread with your entry and post your photo and describe what you did and how it inspired you. (mandatory to win)

  3. Post your photo on Facebook. Post both on these 2 Facebook Walls: www.facebook.com/sugarpillcosmetics and http://www.facebook.com/MakeupTalk with the message, Check out my entry for the @MakeupTalk x @Sugarpill Cosmetics "Colorful Winter Wonderland" giveaway! (insert the link to this contest page). (mandatory to win)

  4. Contest ends at midnight PST, December 15.

  5. Winner will be selected by Sugarpill Cosmetics and MakeupTalk based on effort, creativity and originality. 

  6. One entry per person



Contest Details:

  • Contest prize: Win the above list of makeup products: 1 Grand Prize Winner($250 value): 2 runner up winners(each receiving $82 value)

  • 15 day contest from December 1 - 22, 2011 10PM PAC Time
  • When the contest is over, we will announce the winners in this thread and send the winners each a private message here on MakeupTalk.


Make sure you follow the laws of your state and country. Rules subject to change without notice. You are responsible for what you use so please be aware and knowledgeable of what works and what doesn’t work for you.


Past winners, Current Staff and past MakeupTalk Staff member ARE eligible to enter this contest, so get movin!


Contest is open to all everyone worldwide!

So yes, the contest has already started!

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Basically what I did with this look was use 2 colors throughout the entire look. For the blue color I used Glamour Doll Eyes Melancholy and Skin Of A Killer mixed together. For the white color I used Glamour Doll Eyes Skin Of A Killer. For the liner I just used the Melancholy/Skin Of A Killer combo wet. I'm calling this one The Sound Of Winter after Bush's new song on their new album "The Sound Of Winter". I had been listening to that song a lot lately and wanted to try something different and daring for winter and the mask thing is what I ended up with. I really like the way it came out, for one of my more dramatic looks. Thanks for hosting this extremely contest <3, I hope I can win I would love to finally get to try Sugarpill! Good luck to all the other ladies <3!

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DSC00290 copy.jpg

DSC00293 copy.jpg

DSC00286 copy.jpg






What i did was a cut crease look. i used a matte black from WET&WilD'S I love matte palette to cut my crease

and then on top of that to blend it out a bit i used a matte blue color from WET&WILD'S I Got Good Jeans palette.

and for my brow bone highlight i used a matte white from Inglot Cosmetics.

then for my lids i used a gold jumbo pencil from L.A. Colors as a base and on top of that i applied a pigment called Goldilux from Sugarpill Cosmetics.

for my lower water line i used a green jumbo pencil also from L.A. Colors as a base and on top of that to set the pencil i used a pigment called Absinth also from Sugrapill Cosmetics.

for my lower lash line i used the same black that i used for cutting my crease :D


and the lashes i am wearing are the number 523 from Red Cherry.




Sweet as cocoa from M.A.C.





Candy Shop from NYX and it is a Mega Shine Lipgloss




I created this look with the thought that Santa Claus does exist!! because the products i used in this picture were a gift from a very generous and amazing youtube subbie,but most of all friend. she gave me the products because she believes in me and she knows that i can make it in this world.

that to me is the true definition of Santa clause!! the winter months are cold and most of the times lonely but she showed me that that is not true!

i call this look:


A Heartwarming Winter!!


i hope this is good enough, and to all the others good look :D

xoxo Namaisa

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This is my entry! This is called the Sugarpill Snowstorm / Winter Wonderland! I wanted to create a bold but WEARABLE look!


First I started off by applying AFTERPARTY all over the lid. I then blended MIDORI above my inner corner, and applied ROYAL SUGAR to the outter corner and lower lashline. I applied LUMI to my inner corner and to my browbone as a highlight. Then I added some glitter, and false eyelashes!!! <3


winter wonderland7.jpg

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Here is my entry.  I wanted to stick with blue and purple tones to keep a cool effect.  I was channeling the fairy tale "Snow Queen" when I was creating this look.  I am a sucker for the bad girls.  I used e.l.f.'s 144 palette blue tones along with urban decay glitter liner and prestige "Rhapsody" blue eye pencil.  Some lashes, blue contacts, and liquid liner and it was all over.  Enjoy.


Winter Contest Collage.jpg

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My makeup supply is extremely limited so I'm happy with the way this turned out.


I was going for a subtle look that could be worn anywhere. Winter is my all time favorite season. The colors of a snowy scene, the atmosphere, and especially the cold weather! ;) When I think of winter I think of beautiful nighttime snowscapes. I chose dark yet colorful purples, silvers and hints of blue.


For my eyelids I used Love My Eyes violet eye pencil, Revlon Illuminance Creme shadow (in purples), Bon Bon eye shadow dust (in blues), and Almay Intense i-color powdered shadow (in silver and whites). My eyelashes are my own with a coat of Maybelline's One by One mascara.

For under my eye I used Wet n Wild black eyeliner, more Love My Eyes violet eye pencil and Revlon Illuminance Creme shadow. I used a creamy white color Almay shadow powder in the corners of my eyes and some loose blue Bon Bon eye shadow dust.

For my cheeks I used "Wet n Wild" Ultimate Minerals loose blush and a unlabeled shimmering powder.

For my lips I used a unlabeled frosty white shimmering lipstick and Burt's Bees Sweet Pink lip gloss.

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Winter, I love how beautiful it looks after a fresh snow. I love how the moon hits the snow an it glistens in the light with the cold air an smell of pine in the winter. Makes me want to wrap myself in garland an just dance under the moon(weird I know) I think of green Christmas trees and lights, with gold balls sitting by a fire trying to keep toasty warm.


I put NYX Jumbo pencil in milk all over my eyelids, then took my Bh Cosmetics 120 1st Edition pallet an applied turquoise/blue,purple and a shimmery green all on my eye lids and blended them in together. Then I took my Elf Cosmetics pallet an used a shimmery light cold color for a highlight as well. I took purple from Bh Cosmetics pallet again an put it on my lower part of my eye an then blended into a gold from Sugarpill from Goldilux. Then I just took a turquoise color from Bh again an applied to my eyebrows. On my cheeks I applied Elfs bronzer/blush to give me the rosy cheeks that I always get in the winter :) My lips I used OCC Lipstars In Rx, feathered, and Anime.



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When I read "Colorful Winter Wonderland" I immediately thought of this decorated house I saw once when I was younger. It was beautiful and a childs dream, covered in colorful off-Christmas colored lights (pinks, purples, yellows) and Giant fake candies nestled in the snow. It also made me think of the phrase "Visions of sugar plums danced through their heads". So I made a look that incorporated some of those things. I have sheer colored swirls as a base with candies and snowflakes floating and dancing on them. I also couldn't resist a little sparkle. ;)
I used mostly my BH 120 2nd addition palette, with NYX eyeshadow Base. And a 10x0 paint brush for the little details. The Lips are also the 120 palette over NYX eyeshadow base, just covered in gloss!

SDC13492.JPG SDC13499.JPG SDC13506.JPGSDC13508.JPG SDC13512.JPG


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My inspiration for a "Colorful WInter Wonderland" was the beauty of the Northern Lights over gorgeous white snow! I can't think of anything that screams BOTH winter and colorful at the same time more than the Aurora Borealis!



I created my look using:

EYES: (I'm dying to try this look with SugarPill loose powders!!!!)

-urban decay eye primer potion

-covergirl Smoky Shadow Blast cream stick in White

-iceland, wisteria lane, sunny and eye candy eyeshadows from the ulta artist blockbuster 108pc. set

- homegrown, jinx, & sphynx from urban decay book of shadows vol. II

- ulta liquid liner in plum on top lash line

-urban decay heavy metal glitter eyeliner in distortion on top & bottom lash line (I wish it picked up as well on camera as it does in person)

- no. 7 mascara in 01 Black on top lashes


-urban decay face primer

-covergirl trublend liquid foundation in light beige

- bedhead all-over face highlighter in moonlight

-physician's formula mineral glow pearl blush in rose petals

- covergirl bronzer


-l'oreal rouge pulp lip gloss in acid (mint-ish tinted in person)


**All the looks so far have been so fun to look at and creative, I feel bad for the judges! Good luck everyone!**

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My inspiration for this look is simple. I live in Florida, and I've absolutely never seen a white Christmas. My family didn't have much money growing up, and it was a tradition for us to go driving to see the rich people's decorations on Christmas. It was an escape from what we were doomed to, and we would always have "one day" conversations. One day, we'll have a house better than theirs. One day, we'll be able to install an elevator in the bathroom just because. One day, we'll make it. Well, I'm still very much waiting for the one day. But I remember so vividly how the fancy rich beach mansions had their tropical Christmas decor, and it's still what I aspire to. It's a reminder that one day, I'm going to make that mine.

I'm wearing Rimmel clean finish foundation on the face. I highlighted with a Revlon creamshadow and Urban Decay Ink For Eyes in Pyrotechnics. All the shadows are by Glamour Doll Eyes. I used Melancholy, Tattooed, Ahoy Sailor, Glam Girl, Lace Panties, and Cloud Coverage. The dots, reminiscent of Christmas lights and falling snowflakes, were applied wet. I dulled my lips down with my cheek highligher, and I'm wearing Glamour Doll's Love Afair as blush. The black base on the eye & the liner is Maybelline Eye Studio cream liner. The mascara is Great Lash Big.

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when i think of colorful winter wonderland for some reason pastels and glitter come to mind. I was inspired by a mix of the nutcracker, the aurora borealis and winter twilight.




products used: TFSI

innerr corner:r2d2

middle lid: jabberwocky

outercorner: lovegames

crease: 2011 (very light hand)

eyebrows: aqua man.

all shadows are from mineralfacefx.

blush is hard candy living doll,highlight is glow all the way in doll face by hard candy, blackk liner rimmel kohl liner in    black.

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When I think of the season of winter, I think of cool blues and purples. To me that represents the colors of "cold." So I decided to do a Winter Wonderland Eskimo "Princess." The first two pictures were just test shots, but I really liked how they came out so I decided to include them in my post. The last two pictures are my eskimo princess! If I describe her, I think she's a girly-girl with an edge :) Products I used: Face - HARD CANDY Sheer Envy Primer and ALMAY wake up makeup, Cheeks - VICTORIA SECRET Mosaic Blush Afterglow, Eyes - MAYBELLINE cover stick in white and for the eyeshadow BH COSMETICS 88 Cool Matte Palette, Lashes - MAYBELLINE The Turbo Volume Express, and Lips - HARD CANDY Girl Next Door lip gloss (put over some lilac eyeshadow.) Hope you all enjoy <3 :)

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The inspiration for this look came from the image of a sunset with the beautiful purples and oranges in the sky surrounded by everything covered in snow and ice. When I think of a winter wonderland I usually think of white, silver, and various shades of blue representing the ice, snow, and the frigidness of winter. I know that during winter you usually see a lot of lights, which would make everything colorful, but I wanted to take a different route and think of the sunset as being the colorful part of the winter wonderland. To me sunset are relaxing and beautiful in themselves especially during the winter, with the sun reflecting off of the snow. So what I did was to incorporate the sunset colors with the colors I thought of when it came it winter. 














Mac Matchmaster Foundation SPF 15 1.0

Pro Longwear Concealer NW15

Urban Decay Cream Highlight - Sin

Tarte Amazonian Clay

BH Cosmetics 120 color Palette Edition 1 (shades of blue)

Ben Nye "Pearl Sheen"

Vol De Nuit Powder Spray



Inglot eyeliner gel 76, 88, and 77

BH Cosmetics 120 Color Palette Edition 1 (Shades of orange, blue, and purple)

NAO loose mineral pigment in Gold Rush

Kat Von D Metal Orchestra Palette - First Class

MAC Eye Kohl in Fascinating and Smolder

Clinique High Impact Mascara "Brightening Black"



Bare Escentuals Buxom Lips in Princess

Inglot eyeshadow 58

NAO loose mineral pigment in Gold Rush




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Rainbow Splatter2.jpg




So when I think of winter, it depresses me. The only thing that I enjoy about it is at night the city lights up with rainbow lights around Christmas time that reflect off the snow and light up the night. So this was inspired by that, the iridescent glow of rainbow lights breaking through the darkness.


* I started off with a little Too-faced Shadow insurance all over the lid to the brows.

* Applied MAC's carbon over just the lid. 

* Then I applied NYX jumbo pencil in milk from the top of the lid where the black ended right up to the eyebrow.

* Then using the Manly 120 palette, I did a rainbow gradient overlapping colors right up to the brow over the milk (the milk makes the colors stick and also pop more over the white) 

* Then I wiped the rainbow off a little under the brow to separate the brow and the make up

* Then I applied NYX black liquid liner, dabbing it randomly all over the place to make a splatter effect.

* Make up forever aqua liner in black in water liner.

* Maybelline Falsies mascara on upper and lower lashes and done!



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First, i'm really sorry for my bad english, I'm french so I may make some big grammar mistakes ^^


For my Colorful Winter Wonderland look, I've been inspired both by the beauty of Aurora borealis, and the Narnia Ice Queen. To combine both in one look, I'd wanted a very subtle make-up , so I try to make it look really frosty and cold when my eyes are open, and the colorful part only appear when I close them. I also use a thin layer of Lumi loose eyeshadow over the colors to make them look more "winterish".

For this look, I use:




Lumi (sugarpill) as a blush

A white e.l.f eyeshadow on my temples and above the brows



Lime crime "No she didn't" lipstick

Sugarpill Tiara Loose eyeshadow

Sugarpill Lumi Làose eyeshadow



Primer Potion Urban Decay

Detrivore Cosmetics White primer

Sugarpill Tiara loose eyeshadow all over the lid and under the eyes

Sugarpill Darling and Birthday girl loose eyeshadow on the crease

Fyrrinae OMGWTF and Rapunzel had extensions on the crease too

Sugarpill Lumi loose eyeshadow on the inner corners, under the brows, under the eyes, and a thin layer on the colors

Bad gal lash Benefit mascara frosted by adding Lumi on it

Some strass fixed with DUO glue












I'm sorry for the bunch of pictures but I don't know wich one to choose ^^


Hope you'll like it, thanks for organizing this contest, and good luck to everyone!

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When I think of winter I think of snow, ice, and snow queens  (which was my inspiration)



TKB Satin white

amazing cosmetics concealer



TKB pearl blue, soft blue, midnight blue

light and medium blue cosmetic glitter

elf gel liner



TKB soft blue mixed with carmex



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my winter inspiration so far how my winter has been for this year, its been lovely warm weather so far. i know it might not seem winter related but you wanted my interpretation on it, so here you go. Enjoy!


i've used Medusa eyeshadow Big Bird and blended with Medusa's eyeshadow Red Baron.

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entry 1.jpg


entry 2.jpg


entry 3.jpg




My inspiration came from the green of the pine trees and holly leaves against the stark white snow and the bluest blue sky, the kind of blue you only see in winter time. The red is, of course, for the holly berries!


I used my NYX jumbo pencil in milk as a base all over my lid and lower lash line. Then I used the NYX jumbo pencil in green (or whatever they call it) and applied that all over my lid and up to a point under my eyebrow. I set it with Sugarpill's Midori, which also helped to darken the green to just the right shade I was going for. I used a shimmery from Color Workshop to highlight under my brow and lash line to give it a bit more dimension. The light blue also came from Color Workshop and was used to recreate the blue sky of winter. The red came from Coastal Scents 88 Matter palette and was the darkest red in there. I used lip brushes to apply the red and the blue to give more control. The black eyeliner (coal!) is actually a mix of pencil, e.l.f.'s pen liner, and NYX's jumbo pencil in black bean; none of them would cooperate on their own, so I used all three just to make simple lines! I finished it off with Hard Candy mascara in black and used a fluffy brush to blend the lines a bit so they weren't so sharp.

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Thinking of a colorful winter wonderland my mind wanders to The Grinch Who Stole Christmas!  So I did a colorful eye based around the Grinch!


004.JPG  001.JPG




Face: Smashbox Photo Op concealer, Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer in Sand, Sephora mineral powder in Medium, Illamasqua blush in Hussy, Hard Candy glossaholic lip gloss


Eyes: Smashbox Photo Op primer, tokidoki gold and lime green shadow, Icing palette (darker green - no name), Ruby Kisses green gel liner, and Hard Candy Lashaholic mascara


Everyone looks great - good luck! xoxo

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So yea the colours are based on a winter sunset(: The purple + pink fade together in the mid-day :) 

I really hope i win something!:) 

Products used: 

Urban decay primer potion

sleek iDivine acid palette 

bh cosmetics 88 shimmer palette

bh cosmetics 88 matte palette

urban decay 24/7 liquid liner in perverson 

covergirl lash blast :) 

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When I think of colorful winter wonderlands, I think about gingerbread houses, christmas candy, and bright lights! I also love the Nutcracker, so I decided to do a look based on the sparkle and candy-colors of the Sugar Plum Fairy, one of my favorite Holiday figures of all time! Here it is, hope you like it! :)






Products Used:
NYX white shadow base
Too Faced silver shadow from duo Ooh&Aah
Medusa's Makeup electro eyeshadow in Turquoise, Hot Pink, and Purple
Jemma Kidd liquid liner in teal
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On pencil in Lust (also on eyebrows)


BareMinerals foundation
Sephora brand pressed eyeshdow in alpine snow

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On pencil in Electric
LimeCrime Lipstick in Airborne Unicorn

Lashes and rhinestones from drugstore :)

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It's A Colorful Winter Wonderland

When I think of winter I think of cool tones, I also think of crystals. This is inspired by icy pinks, blues and purples.I used a combination of stick eye liner by NYC and liquid eyeliner from Revlon. I used falsies mascara and NYC lipstick mixed with a tad of foundation for a pastel look. I used rhinestones from my local drugs store and applied them with tweezers. The eyeshadows were a combination of NYC and L.A Colors. Hope you like this winter look.


Sydney Zane

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I was inspired by ICE!


I used:

MUFE flash color palette as base colors.

(silver, white, teal, blue, black)

Shadows on top from some cheap palette I got on ebay.

MUFE diamond powder on the browbone.

lotsss of blending.

White cream in the waterline blended into a teal.

Rimmel Mascara.

MUFE clear super lip gloss on top to give an icy effect.



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Inspired by the sweetness of winter. I took everything I enjoyed about winter and incorporated it into a makeup look. I used all E.L.F. products. I used black, blue, and white eyeliner for the snowflake designs. I used black liner, red eye shadow, and white eye shadow for the candy cane. I used blue and white on the eyes, and blended. I used a pale pink lipstick on the lips and patted on rainbow eye shadow colors. Purple eye shadow as a blush. Simple, cute, and beautiful. <3


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