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Apr 15, 2005
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After 13 years of life, my pet Rocky passed away today. He had been really sick since Wed, but kept getting better little by little. It seemd like he had a mild flu, but all he wanted to do was sleep, I got so worried that I missed work and class to make sure he was with me. Today, friday, he seemed better. He wasen't pooping blood or white liquid anymore. He was pooping normally and was even talking and giving me kisses. My mom called and said she was worried and felt something bad was about to happen so she was going to take the day off. I told her no because he seemed fine, that I was going to work, but she said no, she was taking the day off and to wait for her to get home. I did and I left for work and left my baby with her, even though he seemed fine, I felt like something might happen. At 12:30 exactly I got a call from my mom saying that he was moving weird, he wouldn't close his beak and that it seemed like he didnt have any control of his tiny body.

I rushed home and we drove him to the vet. All the way to the vet I cried as I saw him in my lap so helpless. I got to the vet and handed him to the nurse. I started crying so hard, it was impossible to stop.

An assistant vet came out and he was so rude. He kept telling me to put him to sleep and that it wasen't worth it. He said "hes already dead anyways."
I started crying even harder. I went in to see him and he looked even worse, I coudln't help but cry. One of the nurses came and gave me a hug and said that not to tell the assistant vet but that she knew of a clinic near by that specialiced in exotic birds and that she was going to call to see if we could bring him in even though they could only see them with an appointment, the vet said yes. I told the assistant vet that I was going to take him somewhere else, and all he did is ask in a very harsh voice, "Who the hell gave you the address?!"

However, on our way their, there was a lot of traffic and exactly at 1:30, Rocky passed away in my lap holding my finger with his tiny little foot. He was more than just my pet, he was my best friend. We had a connection that surpassed anything. Everytime I think about him I burst out crying no matter were I am. I had him since he was a baby, he was mine for 13 years and I thank God that Rocky brought me so much happines in my life. I will miss him so much. I still have his cage with his food in my room, I cant bare the thought of putting it outside or throwing it away. The only thing that brings me a little peace of mind is the fact that in the last 3 days of his life he was never left alone and that he didnt die alone, he died with me holding him.

Rest in peace my baby!




Originally Posted by Marisol /img/forum/go_quote.gif So sorry about your loss. Thanks
I cant stop thinking about him.
Originally Posted by jdepp_84 /img/forum/go_quote.gif Thanks
I cant stop thinking about him. Sometimes it helps to cry and try to remember the good memories about him.
Aww, girl I'm so sorry
It's good that you got to spend those years with Rocky though. Hope you feel better.

I am so sorry about your loss. I love my furbabies like children as well. Was Rocky, a lorikeet?

Aw I'm sorry. I know how much it hurts losing a pet.

I didn't go to school for a week and a half when my dog died.

I'm very sorry for your loss. my dog lived long as your Rocky and it was so hard losing part of family. hope you feel better soon

What a c### Vet he was??? is there any place you can report him?

Aw, Im sorry that had happen.

That vet is such an ass... I hope you put a complain on him.


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