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Allergic to MMU!!!

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Jan 14, 2007
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I'm not sure if this is my case but I'm realizing that every time I use anything mineral I get a huge cystic like zit that hurts like hell and never really surfaces. I realized the relation between one thing and the other when I was sampling Lumiere Veena Velvet foundation. Normally I would just say: "Gee, I'm getting lot of really big and painful zits lately!" and not even make a relation to what is causing them. After I read a lot of posts here about people breaking out from Veena Velvet I thought that must be my case too.

I ordered a full size of Flawless Face as I also read oily skin could use it with no problem and no reaction, I didn't even sample it. This has not arrived yet but my ingredients from TKB trading did arrive. I made a mix of kaolin clay and silica as a primer and a mix of silk powder, rice powder and sericite as a finishing powder. I used them today and yesterday and guess what's on my face right now? Yes, a huge and painful red deep zit that appeared in a matter of hours today. I was in denial to think that I might be allergic to the bunch of powders that I bought but I put some on my mother who has never broken out in her life and has dry skin, i used only the "finishing powder" I made and when she came back from work an hour ago she had FOUR red bumps in her face, not really that big but definitely not normal for her at all. I can't believe it. I mean I don't usually have perfect skin, but this are not my normal zits, this a red, swollen and big.

I'm starting to feel really bad, I think I might be reacting to mineral makeup in general and that would be very sad since I love it so much, plus I have +$100 worth of minerals on their way
. I'm still going to use what I ordered, pray I'm not really allergic to it.

Now I'm trying to think back to when I was sampling LilyLolo a few months ago and I have some memorable zits of the same kind from that time, even one that literally took half of my forehead, the area it comprised was so big that you couldn't really see the bump but I couldn't make any kind of facial expression without my face hurting like hell, the most bizarre one I've ever gotten and it could be linked to MMU!!
It's not fair I ordered a full size from Lumiere and from LilyLolo too and both might break me out. This is a super-long-rant-cry for help-thread lol.

Thanks for reading through all this crap