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Apr 9, 2007
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I've been using CG Smoothers stick concealer for awhile now, and I've used almost all of it, so its time for me to buy a new concealer. I think I want to try something different... I mostly use concealer for undereye circles! But I find that yellow coversticks are crap for me (but maybe that's because i've only used nyc's and physicians formula) but maybe if there's a good one out there... i'll try it.

What are some of you guys fave drugstore concealers for face and undereye circles?


I use the one with a pink lid by Rimmel. Not sure the name. Someone here recommended it and I tried it, works well for the price.

loreal true match has been workin well for me and covers pretty well -- on blemishes and undereye

I love the Almay skin clearing concealer with salicylic acid. I use it as a foundation, it really covers imperfections well!!

Maybelline in the stick form (looks like lipstick) is excellent- very full coverage. Physician's Formula in the clicker wand is great as well.

I'm using revlon colorstay for blemishes and it stays on great but it can look a little cakey sometimes prob because I need quite a bit to cover all my spots.

It's not drugstore, but I use avon beyond color and it works great, it has lasting power and is excellent on both blemishes and undereye circles.

I use L'oreal True Match in W1-2-3 for under eye circles. Works great..

and for blemishes Almay for normal skin..the one in stick form. It's really good and matches my skin tone..

Revlon colourstay is what I use, Then again Im not overtly happy:

I think I'll have to take some of your advice and try a new brand

Tesco - concealor by Barbara Daly $7

It has great coverage and its creamy texture makes it really easy to blend. Plus it never creases and it works with or without an eye cream underneath.

For under-eye: Physician's Formula Circle Rx

For anything else: Maybelline's stick concealer and ELF all over cover stick

Not technically a drug store... but I use Flirt!'s concealer (available at Kohl's) and I really like it. A little goes a loooooong way, especially when applied with a brush.

I like Maybelline Age Rewind. It covers well and doesn't sink into fine lines.

I'm going to have to jump on the Almay bandwagon here. Best drugstore concealers, hands down.


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