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Feb 11, 2012
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Nowhere, IN
The Birchbox Men beta is up now...any of you planning on trying it out or gifting it?  I kind of wish I still lived with a billion dudes just so I had an excuse to try it...

I asked my husband if he wanted to try it out, but he's Mr. Rugged Manly Man, lol, so he said no. I'm super curious as to what will be in them!

I'm signing the hubby up for this. He LOVED the limit edition BBM that I gave him at Christmas.

If it costs $20 will id have more samples than the women's box? I signed up for their email list for it. I might try it for a month or two. My boyfriend has no skincare/ anti aging regimen. He might like this. 

Thought about getting one for hubby, but he has super hyper skin and is not a fan of many fragrances. So far from what I have seen, lots of shaving products that look interesting. But alas, he likes his good ol' Edge shave gel and his Art of Shaving products. He can not and will not use aftershave. He only wears a couple of colognes, so seems senseless to get it.  

I'm not sure. I do know the LE box contained more products than any of the women's LE boxes. It's possible the men's box will also have more stuff. I asked on FB when they'll ship the first boxes and was told the 25th. Paulina told me via email that requests to sign up is still going on and it's slow going.

I definitely understand :) /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" /> Do you want to try adding your email once again to the Man List just to be safe? We plan to continue releasing slowly so not to worry if you didn't get an invite yet. Let me know if the site allows you to enter your email once again - it shouldn't allow duplicate entries.
Hmmm - I just tried buying a BB Men's subscription as a gift for my brother but It's asking me for an email address to join the mailing list. I didn't have to do that when I bought a gift sub for my mom - I assume that's because they aren't live yet?

They're live but subscribing to it is slow going. Sign up for notification is the best you can do right now. I just posted on my Facebook wall about the giveaway they're doing - a one year FREE subscription to some lucky person.

Thanks for the info. It seems like everything Birchbox is slow going at the moment! I will try to be patient. The BB Man boxes look really cool - it looks like they slide open drawer-style instead of having a bottom and lid like the Woman box

Me to Paulina via email:
BTW – why is it more expensive than BBW (Birchbox woman)? More items in it than the standard four to five in BBW?

From Paulina
So, great question! The men's subscription is a bigger box with a mix of grooming samples and lifestyle products which can have higher retail value.  The box will represent the same great value as women's but in a manlier size. Does that kinda answer the question? I think things will definitely become more apparent once the first men's box gets distributed!

I told my boyfriend about this last night.  He tried to act like he wasn't a guy who needs a lot of products but that is a total lie he just steals mine.  I also told him that they add other lifestyle items and that seemed to peek his interest even more.  He doesn't have a ton of time to shop so having something new sent to him once a month seemed like a good deal ...he is going to try it out for a few month as soon as they open subscriptions.  yay!

My boyfriend signed up immediately lol

He was sad that the LE BBM was sold out around christmas so he is super excited for his own box!

I don't think my boyfriend would be interested in this. He thinks I'm weird for my subscription and he doesn't use very many products. If it were a beard cream sampler, I'd totally get one for him, but there are probably 90% things he wouldn't use in the box.

My boyfriend has been looking forward to it since Christmas, but I think the price tag might scare him off. It's too bad, really. He could definitely use some skin care stuff. Most of my BB samples I've given him weren't strong enough.

I'm pretty sure they let me put in my email twice for the wait list.  I remember putting it in again, "just in case" and then thinking, "crap, now I probably put myself further down the list . . . "  I hope I get an invite soon.  I'm still jealous that I'm missing out on the Glossy Box wins!  I want one so bad!   This sickness is strong, so strong I think I may need a 12 step group, lol.  Hello, I am a sample boxoholoic.  Sometimes I try to explain it to other people and some of them just don't get it.  What's not to love about getting high quality stuff sent to you every month?  Being able to try out new brands and items and having the value of the boxes be way over the actual cost of the box including shipping is a great deal.  Usually one item makes the box for me and the others are great bonuses.  I'm suffering withdrawals from not being able to see what's in the April boxes yet!!  Getting an email that I'm invited to join Birchbox Men might make me feel a little better. :) /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />  As far as the higher price point, I think it has to do with things like socks and other higher priced/larger samples.  I think I saw socks in one of the ads.  If we got socks, notebooks and/or earbuds, our boxes would probably be a little higher too.  I wouldn't mind another little treat subscription with larger samples and more diversity for women, too.  Yes, definitely an addiction. ;) /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

Got my invite this morning, signed hubby up immediately. Excited to see what comes!

Anybody know when the first boxes will ship. It says the women's boxes ship by the 10th and men's will ship by the 25th. But will they be in April or may?


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