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This Contest is Closed.
Congrats DonnaJ, you are the winner!!
Thank you to everyone who entered. Check back soon for more exciting contests.
Enter for a chance to win the
Jenny Bird Bohemia Turquoise and Gold Collar Necklace from Little Black Bag!
Accessories, accessories, accessories!  Don't you just LOVE them?  ​
From statement necklaces to sequin bags, accessories can make any dull outfit turn GLAM!  ​
What accessory do you use to spice up your outfit and why?​

One lucky winner will receive the necklace shown above, a retail value of $225!!

1. This contest is easy to enter, just go to the Little Black Bag contest page and sign up for an account!

2. Next, reply to this thread letting us know what accessory you use to spice up your outfit and why.

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[SIZE=10pt]We look forward to reading your entries! Good luck!![/SIZE]

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I usually spice up my outfit with a great pair of statement shoes or a statement ring.  I looove shoes so I have fun using them to dress up a neutral outfit.  Also, statement rings come in so many shapes, sizes, and colors that the possibilities are endless!!  Love wearing them to add a little extra sumthin' sumthin' to my outfit!

I usually spice up my outfit with a large statement bracelet. I've added many to my collection from LBB ;) /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

I like to spice up my outfit with the perfect ring. I love collecting all different styles of rings, from bold to dainty.

My favorite piece to spice up any outfit may not seem special to some, but it holds a very dear place in my heart. It's a small, acorn "kiss" necklace that my boyfriend ordered from etsy for me. Resting on a delicate chain, the "acorn" is made up of a bronze, fresh-water pearl with a metal acorn cap on top.

This necklace holds a lot of sentimental value to me. My senior year of high school, I was chosen to play Wendy Darling in my dance studio's production of Peter Pan. In Peter Pan, Wendy asks Peter to give her a kiss. Peter, not knowing what a kiss exactly, gives her an acorn instead, and she puts the acorn on a chain around her neck. (Later in the story, it saves her life when Tinkerbell convinces the Lost Boys that shes a "Wendybird" they must shoot down!) With my special kiss necklace, I always have my loved one near.

Not only is the piece special, however - I always get lots of compliments on my unique little necklace! It's simple enough that it can go with any outfit, but different enough that it catches people's eye!

My statement piece of jewelry is something I wear everyday. It is a black diamond skull pendant necklace. I love it because it suits my personality so well. I think that the best part about statement jewelry is that it can spice up an outfit in each individual's own unique way! Skulls have slowly become my "trademark" symbol to family and friends. I loved them with fashion and make up before it became part of a mainstream style of fashion, although I do love being able to find skull items easily! My favorite item will always be that necklace though!

I wear the same gold necklaces every day - the Jenny Bird would be a fantastic way to brighten up a grey or black top. It's beautiful, and worn correctly could round out so many different outfits! Thanks LBB, your site is great!

I spice up my outfits with different necklaces cause I've learned that different lengths and styles can take an outfit from blah to wow!  Different nail polish is also a must came even those little pops of color can change a whole outfit.  And of course shoes, cause they're always so fun and easy to change up!

I spice up my outfit with hanging earrings. They frame my face and bring attention to it.

I lovelove*love* scarves.  They're fun, and they appeal to my hippie nature that has to be toned down at work (a bank).  They're functional, too:  I can wrap wide scarves around my shoulders, neck, and chest when my office gets chilly and then take them off when it warms back up, which is pretty much constantly every day!

I love to spice up my outfits with hats.  All different kinds of hats, for summer it might be a wide brimmed hat to block the sun, for fall it might be a beret, for winter I love a cabbie hat or a wool fisherman's cap, and fedoras for spring.  I also find that hats are functional in that it can cover my bad hair days and it keeps me warm since I'm cold no matter what time of the year it is. 

I can't believe no one mentioned bags! My favorite way to spice up an outfit is to have different handbags to go with the outfit. Sometimes all you want is a small clutch or crossbody bag to carry an ID and a little money, like going out to the club or an amusement park. Other times you want a big tote, like when you're going shopping, and it can accessorize an outfit nicely having a bold and brash bag with a neutral outfit, for example. While my every day bag is just a neutral brown medium sized satchel that goes with everything.

I love LBB for giving me so many new accessories, jewelry, scarves, and bags!

My favorite way to spice up an outfit is with a statement necklace. Something big, colorful, and chunky are my favorite go-to pieces.

I love bags too- but I don't carry them around w/ me all the time (e.g. at work).

Signed up! Have to wait a couple of weeks to subscribe. Chain necklaces and bracelets like the Betsy Johnson ones on the Black Bag site. Punkish chunky geometric jewelry. I like them because you can wear them with just a plain t-shirt, pants, and heels. Easy peasy fashion !

I think that the best accessory is always a SMILE! A smile is free, goes great with every outfit and every occasion - but best of all it is contagious to those around you! A smile can spice up any look and turn heads 

My engagement ring! I think it's the most beautiful and meaningful accessory I could ever have :) /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

Most of the times I love to accessorize with rings. Although because of their size they may be less noticeable than big bracelets or necklaces, I think having on a ring that ties an outfit together really makes an outfit look complete and polished :) /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

I'm a bracelet girl, and the two I'm wearing the most often these days, I got from Little Black Bag!

As for me, the best thing to spice up my outfits is a pair of shoes. Different outfit goes with different shoes, creating a best entire effect.

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