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May 10, 2007
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Anyone ever tried lip plumpers? I bought some (by mistake because my lips are already plump) and didn't know it was lip plumper until I actually read the label on it. It was in the usual place that I buy my lipgloss from, so I thought it was just a new flavor. Anyways, it burned like hell on my lips (that's what actually made me read the label) and i really didn't see a difference in my lips other than the fact I had irratated lips of course... What your thoughts about it?

I have tried LipVenom and that burns...

Lately I've tried Too Faced Lip Injection a few times... It feels really tingly and ITCHY, and the worst thing is how it works... It makes my whole lip area look IRRITATED, rather than just plumped. Yes, the lips get swollen (and super bright red), but all the skin around my lips turns red and splotchy too. It shows right through my foundation. I look like a crazy person who just smeared red lipstick all over the place. Yuck!

Yeah, I noticed a girl in the mall once who looked like she had just smeared lipstick all over her lips and I went to tell her that it was not on right or whatever, then she told me that her lips were swollen and she was using some stuff to make them bigger, even back then I thought it was crazy. Who wants big lips anyways??

i tested it once at sephora, and it burnt my lips. i think a good lipbam can also plump your lips in the way that kept hydrated, my lips seem to be fuller(i think it's because those lines on your lips disappear). vaseline do that.

Most lip plumpers work by irritating your lips, causing them to swell and get red temporarily. It seems to work better for some than others. Mine get a bit red, but don't swell. I tried it on my boyfriend and they were definitely plump.

I got a sample of the Too Faced lip injection from Sephora. It plumped my lips a bit, but it burned and made my eyes water at first.

Too Faced Lip injection made my lips burn horribly and turned them to a deep raspberry color! Ouch

Du Wop Lip Venom-didn´t do anything

Lip Fusion (regular formula)-doesn´t perform miracles, but I can definitely notice a plumping effect that lasts a few hours. Too bad it´s so expensive though, but I´d just love to have fuller lips

i've tried city lips and i liked that, i got a free sample from sephora. it just tingled slightly but it felt good. The lip injection irritates my lips, and turns them bright red. i doubt this is good for your lips in the long run imho

I really dont see the point to lip plumpers...maybe cause my lips are huge. I just dont think your lips should have to sting just to get the "full" look. Also some women over do it...and they look like they have a baboons butt on there face :/ but i guess whatever floats there boat :]

I have naturally full lips, but in the morning they look "plumper". I guess it has something to do with the vaseline i put on b4 bed...

Lip Plumpers use irritants to create the "Bee stung" pouty look. Ingrediants like cinnamon bring blood to the lips and temporarily plump them. I have tried..

LORAC- This one comes in Hot and Super Hot. The Super Hot swelled my lips

so much that it split. It was awful and very painful.

Duwop- I am not a fan because it also makes your lips very red. My lips are already rosy, so I looked like I had a bloody lip.

Lip Fusion- I have both the regular and the XL. I think the slight tingling is more addictive than plumping. The feeling makes it seems like it's working.

Sally Hansen Lip Inflation- Out of all of them this is my fave. It's cheap and not too uncomfortable, plus my lips actually look bigger.

I use the Sally hansen Lip inflation also... But I've doctored it up a bit.. Rad about home lip plumping products like Cinimon Leaf Oil extract and Clove oil.. So I added a few drops ot Clove oil to the HS-LI... Does numb yous lips and if you get it on your toungue it does the same.. And it works ok.. Not like going from thin lips to super plump lips but does help me at least..

Read that Sophoa Loren ended up with fantastic lips by sucking on a shot glass when she was young? Lol. I'll pass on that one..


I've only tried Lip Fusion. Definitely not worth the price, but only a slight tingling sensation. It didn't burn. It's wasted money as it's been in the drawer for 6 months.

i think they are

i got sevrel by jessica simpson and they make my lips burn at first and i fell like they bigger and fuller

Originally Posted by michal_cohen /img/forum/go_quote.gif i think they arei got sevrel by jessica simpson and they make my lips burn at first and i fell like they bigger and fuller

Hello Michal!I dislike it when celebrities promote one product but use another:

Celebrity plastic surgery before and after pictures.




Jessica Simpson confessed to Glamour magazine that she tried to augment her lips with gel injections, but realized that it looked awful. Thanks god it was Restylane - a gel that naturally dissolves after several months. Could be worse... “I had that Restylane stuff,†Jessica Simpson says. “It looked fake to me. I didn’t like that. But…it went away in, like, four months. My lips are back to what they were. Thank God!â€

Jessica Simpson
bigger lips
they seem to work slightley but i agree they seem to iritate you more than anything thats what causes the swelling.

I also use Sally Hansen Extreme Lip Inflation and have had good results. The tingling isn't too bad and the taste actually reminds me of "Big Red" chewing gum. My lips weren't exactly "bigger" but they were much fuller and I really love the shine I get from the gloss.

I remember my friend bought one, I can't remember what it was,

But I tried it, and my lips tingled.


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