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Jun 22, 2004
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So, we all have a monster stash & yet we don't seem to be finishing anything. I thought I'd challenge myself to "Finish-it-All" thanks to one I did on another site a few years ago.

I've been on a quest to make room in my bathroom & cosmetic stash & have only finished a pump-bottle of St. Ive's Apricot Facial Wash & Redken's All Soft Shampoo w/in the past week. I'm almost done w/a a pump-bottle of Phisoderm, but don't know if I can finish it by the end of the month.

I guess I wanted to invite those who have tons of lotions, hair products, & cosmetics to try & finish what you have. It's not meant to be punishment, but more like a self-challenge to see what you can finish w/out buying anything. Sure you can buy staples like toothpaste, deodorant, toner, etc. but ONLY if you've completely exhausted what you have. This way, we'll see how much we can eliminate in our homes simply by using what we have.

One trick I found is to transfer lotions into portable/travel-sized bottles. I kept a small bottle @ my desk & in my car in order to finish up a bottle of lotion. I also slathered on the lotion to my elbows & feet nightly & covered them w/socks to help soften the skin. I also kept my lip balm & l/g in my pocket & constantly reapplied.

The challenge was fun & after a month, I got through a ton of stuff--saline solution, toothpaste, 2 tubes of travel-sized lotion, a bottle of body wash, 1 l/g & random other items. Felt liberating as well!

If you want to try it, go for it. We can start Easter Sunday, 27 March & will end 30 April. Tally what you've finished & I'll send the top 3 winners a surprise package. Simply reply with "count me in" to this post & we'll get going.

Good luck!

I'm in too!!! My bath & body stash is just as out of control as my mu stash. Some of that stuff needs to GO!!!

I'm in too! Ok so this means NO BUYING anything beauty related until 30th April, right? OK i think i can do that. I have someone doing a CP for me at the mo and she prob won't be shipping it til the 1st wk in April but technically i've spent the money already so i'm not breaking any rules am i?

Laura, I'm encouraging everyone to try not to buy any cosmetics or beauty related until the 30th. If you can, great, but if not, you won't be disqualified.

I just want to see if we can all try to finish what we have before we buy more. I stocked up on my mascara today b/c they were on sale & there were in-store coupons for them. However, I don't anticipate purchasing anything else in the near future.

Good luck!

No worries Trisha. It's more of a challenge to use-what-you've got rather than a ban. I don't think I can go w/out buying stuff, but I've gotta get rid of the bath/body stuff.
I have b&b in my bathroom AND my bedroom because the bathroom storage is full. I even bought a rolling cart to store some of it in the bathroom. Even worse, I bought 2 sets of H2O items - one last night, the other a few days ago. I just cant stop!! I think this challenge will be good for people like us.
Since a lot of my B&B is still brand new, I may put a few things up for swap. I need to reclaim my storage space!!

Originally Posted by Naturally LOL ...OH GOD ...Tracey ...I am SOOOO with you on the BATH stash! Now MU seems you HAVE to have ....MANY things w/o running out before buying new ..if that makes sense ...but yes ..those things ..bath, shampoo, etc ...I can see this challenge! This sounds like fun ...and I'm hoping to ...clean out some ...STUFF!
Just thought I'd check in with my progress on this challenge! So far I have used up a deep conditioner, Silk Elements from Sally Beauty Supply. I never liked it that much because I had to use a ton of it to make my hair feel coated. So I did just that; I put a ton in my hair to use it up!

Also I'm almost done with my tube of Avon Planet Spa body scrub. The scent is NOT my thing, it's from the Secrets of India line and it smells funky, like really stinky incense. Let's just say I'm using it very generously...Soon it'll be gone!

I've been slathering my feet and hands generously with my BBW True Blue Spa products before bed. They're getting used up nicely.

How are you guys doing???

WOw, 14 months? With regular use? I didn't know it would last that long! So glad I got it now!

Originally Posted by Trisha Not stuff I needed to use up to get rid of, but used up nonetheless
Philosophy Hope In A Jar

Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation

YSL Touche Eclat #3 ( cannot believe this lasted me nearly 14 months)

Aw, I coulda had 1 last binge???
Wow I need to pay better attention!

Originally Posted by Jennifer glamslam, IT STARTS TOMORROW!!!! LMAO!
Gail, that is a great idea, unfortunately I send my sister and my mom all the stuff I don't use any more (only if they are still almost full because I don't like sending stuff half used). I do have a few bath and body junk I used half way and sitting under my bath sink. I will start using them tomorrow and won't buy anything related until after the 30th of April. It will be a great way to get rid of some extras

Good for you Lilla! I'm almost done w/some lotion & face wash, but still have a way to go w/my shampoo & conditioner. LOL!

Good luck!

I have finished one of my facial cleansers, a bottle that was half full of lotion and one lip gloss. The l/g I got through pretty fast. I just applied a day long for a couple of days. It was half full. Now I can go to the next. I didn't realize how much of this stuff I have. I am also working on the next half filled lotion. My daughter is helping me with the lotion. Everytime she sees me applying it she does the same.
I finished up a couple of my bath gels and a lotion. Also, I ran out of facial moisturizer about a week ago. Instead of buying more, I decided to use/try some of the MANY samples that I have hanging around the house. I've pretty much used up most of them. What's great about this is that I'm really discovering some really great products. I'd usually hang on to samples so that I can send them out with swaps, but I'm glad that I've decided to use them myself. Because of this I'm going to make the switch to Murad skincare when my samples run out. That stuff is very good!!


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