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Oct 21, 2007
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hi gals!

Im allway looking for solution to the gals who likes a full coverage foundations.

I likes it too.. !

when I order from any brand I found that the concealer is good as full coverage foundation.

so I seggest that when you looking for a good foundation try the concealer as foundation.

I do that.. and Im very satisfied.

for example I use in Meow concelaer as foundation and its have a fullest coverage!



I currently use Pure Luxe and Aubrey Nicole (full coverage formula) and it's enough coverage for me. But mixing some concealer into the foundation is a good idea if you want to increase the coverage.

I do that sometimes too, and sometimes I mix concealer with foundation.

Me...not really..sorry. I only like full coverage on a blemish

like amy i'm not so into full coverage, i only like it on my red cheeks and pimples, elsewhere a medium coverage is enough.

I have tried out edm multi tasking consealer as foundation and it worked...!

Originally Posted by tness /img/forum/go_quote.gif will it look chalky if we use concealer as foundation? Thanks its never happen to me. I like this formula becouse I like a full coverage foundation. you can try this.. you will be surprised..

Thanks simisimi100. I will def try it tomorrow. I love full coverage too.

I USE to just use concealer in substitute for full coverage - it worked. But I've moved on to foundation.

Originally Posted by saintcloudgirl /img/forum/go_quote.gif I would like to try the Meow concealer... The meow concealer is the the best covering concealer I have tried. It covers everything.
Simi , i dont need the coverage but i do this to get an even look without having to put on more than one very thin layer of foundation.

It never looks chalky,but if i put on two layers of only the regular foundation without consealer i get the chalky and powdery look most of the times.

And it also saves me time if i am in a hurry.

I've just recently discovered Buff'd cosmetics and I'm absolutely in love with them. I use a tiny bit and it covers everything but still lets my natural glow come through. Lasts all day and the customer service I received was impeccable. Jennifer sent me 3 samples of my choice for free and 3 more after I sent my pictures and asked for help with color choice. I just found my new HG!


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