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Help me, i think im overreacting over even for a guy's voice!

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Sep 19, 2005
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hello ladies!

Just need a piece of advice on this or i think im bit crazy...Ive been in and out of bad relationships before and finally my family friend introduced me to a really nice guy.Since he's staying in Paris, we just communicated via mails and messengers.I was sooo happy with him because we had lots of similarities in most of the things..which i hadnt found in any other guys previously..he's very calm and really really a nice guy!Now we had been going for bout 2 weeks, and he decided to give me call me ( We insisted ourselves that we should get to know first via mails rather than indulging in phone conversation not knowing what to talk). He called, and i was kinda,err..shocked to hear his voice is more to girlish..?I mean more to a soft spoken side.But i didnt want this to bug me and continued our conversation, it went very well. I know ive a thing for guy'z voice(obviously not all the guys will have Clive Owen's voice lolz)

But pls be honest with me ladies am i overrreacting over these?I meant he's really a nice guy and i liked him so much, but at the same time i dont want this voice thing bug me....