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You know....I have not thought about it. I am focusing on my baby girl and making sure she has a great xmas. But I would love gift certs to mac and clothes and a watch.

Gift certificates to Lavender Fields Skin Care Salon

Post count isn't high enough to post an actual link:

lavenderfieldssalon dot com

I love Christmas, it is so much more exciting now that I have children. Just seeing their face when they walk out into the living room and see all the presents is gift enough for me. I love to wrap the presents and choose just the perfect items.

My dh usually gets me some kind of gift cards, etc. Our Anniversary is the day after Christmas. (15 years) So I want to go out to celebrate for sure.

I want my own xbox because my boyfriend doesn't always like to share.. :| and some clothes...or money.

A vacation outside of California would be ideal... never thought of that!

I'll most likely get:

Gift card for MAC

Gift card for Forever 21

Gift card for Charlotte Russe


That's it. Nothing exceeding more than $200 every year total. I wish I had a lot of uncles/aunts (I do) that are giving! Haha... I need my bills paid. I get jealous when my friend's family get like new cameras, iPods, expensive clothing.

A guy would be nice too. lol, errr...

I do want a new digital camera tho - but I'll end up paying it with my own cash, like usual. -_- /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

I mostly wish for:

A gift certificate for a spa


For the cold sores to be forever gone from my life

A Gucci watch

More time and less stress

1. some new sexy undies & lingerie

2. XOXO Affection II hobo handbag and matching checkbook wallet (if I don't buy it before then)

3. some new Angels jeans

4. cash to go shopping

5. a new vacuum cleaner! lol!

Don't really need anything at the moment so I'll be asking for money. Thats usually what I get anyway-- can't really complain about this

obviously some clothing, especially pants and undies.

my usual christmas tea (my favorite), and a supply of other teas.

a book, fantasy probably, don't know yet which one, there's a couple i wanna check first.

a cookbook (actually two : one about japanese cooking, and the other one for vegetarian recipes).

some christmas cards at WHSmith because they always have the cutest.

To get to Scotland and spend Christmas there with my family there. Haven't been there for Christmas for 22 years

I have really enjoyed seeing what everyones christmas wishs are!

I mostly wish about getting my husband (today is our 1st anniversary!!) all of the music stuff he needs (what an amazing musician he is....) oh how I would love to purchase that dream guitar of his .... oh maybe next year!~

I also hope to make this the best christmas yet for my 7 yr old.... Transformers and skateboards... not too hard to please him
and his toys are way cheaper than my husbands today haha

not a real christmas gift, but i hope the strike that is starting tomorrow (bus&underground) will not last too long, because i have christmas shopping to do, friends to see.

I really don't want anything, I'm already getting the best gift, which is graduating from Uni.

However money for MU and MU accessories would be lovely!

oh yes Victoria secret stuff, and money, i already had my mom order me makeup so thats off my christmas list now


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