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Aug 30, 2007
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since the stores already have christmas trees up and decorations to buy and pre selling toys and stuff, did you make a christmas list early? i did, so what do you want for christmas this year?

i want some MAC makeup, clothing, and some money and a new train case, and a gift card to VS, Dooney bag

That's tough. I guess some clothes and some makeup. I haven't really thought about this too much, my parents will be asking what I want though.. so I guess I should start thinking. Haha.

I would love to have a new condo, a new car, my bills paid off and about $20,000 in savings. That would make the best Christmas I have ever had.

Sounds a little selfish, but that is the list.


I'm seiously halfway done with shopping for Christmas, I don't screw around... lol!

I need a new cell phone, so I'll probably get a blackberry... and Billy always gets me some kind of diamond jewelery.

I don't want anything for Christmas, I have everything I already need. I like to open savings accounts if I am giving it to a young person, and for an older person maybe a bottle of good red wine and a gift certificate/card to a good restaurant or country club pass or something like that.

Mostly, the kind of gifts that I get are traveling packages (flight, transportation, hotel, etc.) That's about the only thing I'll take anyway. My in-laws give us one free domestic R/T ticket to anywhere we want every year.

I have to get thinking too....people will be asking on Thanksgiving.

As much as I would like to say I want new clothes, makeup, shoes etc...I don't need any of that! There is nothing I need that you could wrap up and put under the tree. Soo....I have decided to ask my parents to pay for Health Insurance for me for a year. I will pay co-pays, prescriptions etc. Shouldn't be too much?? And that is something I will definitely benefit from.

I'm going to ask for a gift card to International Plaza (in Tampa) and an SD card for my video recorder.

When I've asked for MAC makeup in the past for Christmas, I usually only receive an item or two. But when I ask for gift cards, I usually get enough money to buy LOTS of MAC. lol.

I already know what I'm going to get for my family, too! lol.

I'm going to get my mom and dad a $100 gift card to Bern's Steakhouse and give my mom a giftcard to Kirkland's and my dad a gift card to Sears. I'm gonna get my brother a new LCD HDTV (he's been wanting a new tv).

realistic: to go home for xmas vacation and not have another airport nightmare drama

semi-realistic: adam to move back to the states from japan

totally out there: to become CEO of Victoria's Secret

I would ask for a case for my new lap top, makeup and my digi camera is from the is from the ice ages......

I need to be thinking of what to get my son..... He is almost three now and he needs "big boy" toys now...... any suggestions?

i desperately need quit a bit, but money is forever TIGHT now. so ill get prolly a few pieces of clothing and prolly some mac... but mainly ill be getting my dudes a really cool train set for xmas! its gonna be fun!

I havent even thought.

My bf honestly wants his front teeth, being as how they got broken in his car accident..

hmm. I think I would like a holiday (which is already booked but not long enough for my liking!) some bloom cosmetics (their lip stuff is really nice) a book token so I can buy some novels.. clothing. Really I cant think of anything much that I need or want

I asked my husband to get me a wedding band set to go with my ring.. And I would like some gift cards.. Other than that it doesn't really matter to me much. As cheesy as it sounds, I just want to be around my family..