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Dec 12, 2003
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Mine was Almay Whipped Gloss in Spiced Rum. I actually broke CT to get it

hmm...I think the last makeup purchase I made was a new tube of L'Oreal Voluminous. Love that stuff!!

Ok, I lied!! I think it was Dior Maximeyes!!

Ooh! I can't remember! LOL

Originally Posted by melzie_fire hmm...I think the last makeup purchase I made was a new tube of L'Oreal Voluminous. Love that stuff!!
Mine is Borjouis pressed powder and an eye liner but they are going back.
The pressed powder caused me breakouts and the eye liner is too hard to blend, pulls the lid too much.

Rimmel Extra Super Lash mascara. It was my first time trying it & i'm QUITE impressed. One of the best low-end mascara's i've tried in fact.. I hear Tony shouting in my ears now "review it, review it"! LMAO, just kidding T

Mine was Bonne Bell's Holiday Limited Edition lip balm in Pink Sugar Cookie! Yum! Now I want another!

Mine was a whole lot of Tony and Tina stuff. I normally wouldn't have bought so many expensive high end makeup items at once because I'm a broke college student. But I scored an awesome deal on ebay. For a total of $11 including s&h I got:

Herbal Aromatherapy lipgloss mini in Nixie

Herbal Aromatherapy lipgoss full sized in Cosmic Deva

Glitter in Vortex

eyeshadow in Cosmic Connection

a hard candy eyeshadow applicator

and a Tony and Tina mirror

All this is worth over $60. Wow I got a deal and was so happy!

I'm going after christmas sale shopping tomorrow and will probably pick up some perfume, some eyezings, and some colourjuices!

a Jordana eye liner about 1 month ago. trying hard to control my urge to buy, but it's tough....

Just bought MAC Hyper Real liquid foundation in NC20 -- has good light coverage and gives a real nice glow! Also bought my favorite basic eyeliner - MAC Ebony.


Stubborn Brown, Tealo, Borderline, Prussian


Naked You, Petticoat

Eyeshadow: Espresso

Mine was C-Thru and Mad Cap lipglasses from MAC. I had heard so many go things about them, I just couldn't resist!

I bought another tube of the Lash Perfection I saw in CVS. I have bought so much stuff over the past months that I haven't reviewed yet. I really need to get down to business.

Originally Posted by jennycateyez mac fluidline i just got it yesturday which one did you got Jenny??
Originally Posted by Sophia which one did you got Jenny?? blacktrack i have no clue how to use it and i need a brush for it still, hey i needed to get something since i was at mac:icon_love

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