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May 17, 2005
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Lakeland, Florida
I don't kind of looks like the "soccer-mom interpertation of pin-up" hair.

holy cow! I would never expect her to get a hairstyle like that. It makes her look older. It's cute, but like y'all said, we've seen that on someone else.

i dont mind her hair, BUT WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON WITH TOM??? is he wearing a toupee lately??? now THAT is some bad hair.

I like it... I just happened to have read something where she said she knows people will think it's "her imitating Posh," but she said it's actually a cut she decided on herself... Although, seeing that pic of Suri, I hope that wasn't her inspiration. If so, I still like it!

I love it. I see people that have the same hair style/cut all the time (people that are friends, etc) I do not see the big deal at all. I think she looks great.

i agree bexy, not everyones hair style is unique, i actually think she looks cute and pulls it off well not something that i would wear though.

I love it on her. I wouldn't have guessed that she looked good in it, but she really does.

now that i see dixiewolf's picture, i like the hairstyle more. I love Katie, and always have... I'm not thrilled she's with tom, but oh well.


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