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Feb 12, 2005
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What are your make up resolutions? Is there something that you plan on doing this year that is different? Maybe wear colorful eye shadows or perhaps try using a liquid liner.

Post them here!

My make up resolution is to actually wear my make up. I have two train cases worth of make up and for the past year, I have done practically the same look every day.

really just to stop buying expensive products I don't need, to limit myself to things I've run out of, LOL. I can't think of any others at the moment

i plan to wear brighter colors on my eyes, i have tons of bright shadow and i always seem to wear nude/muted colors...thats boring i wanna be brighter!!

also i plan to buys less, only what i absolutely need

To wash my face every single morning and night no matter how tired I am (I've been pretty good about this but I could be better). To post more FOTDs and to participate in more challenges.

Buying only when I need to, and really check it out in the store to make sure it actually looks good inside AND out of the store! LOL

I plan on continuing my "brand-themed" days. Friday was the first time I used MAC in almost 2 weeks using that idea. Other than that, I'd have to think on it LOL!

marisol, i have to say I agree, that and not buying more until I use up my satsh, which won't happen

I plan to wear more makeup everyday and I want to start using my eyeshadow quads more often.

I'm going to try a liquid foundation. Probably Maybelline's Age Rewind since it has good reviews and isn't too pricey.

Uhh...I think that's about it, but I'll spend less on make-up this year, because I mostly stocked up on minerals last year - those I can't give up for blushes or e/s or lippies. And probably not always for foundations, either.

Oh yeah - try to find a decent mascara that won't break the bank. I've had extraordinary bad luck with that so far.

Not too exciting, reallly.

To stop spending so much money (that I don't really have) on products I can do without, or use a similar cheaper brand.

& to master the "smokey eye" look. (I keep looking like a ring-fighter when I try it!) LoL

Oh, wow....I see lots of my makeup resolutions listed here!

*To actually wear makeup more than once a week.

*To wash my face morning & night, even if I'm "too tired"

*To play with COLOR instead of just my standard browns.

*To not break the bank when trying all these new things. LOL

Happy New Year, everyone!

I have two drawers full of mac makeup and everyday I wear the same three colors on my eye. I'm going to up my makeup look and be spontaneous and try new colors. Anndd add to my collection of other make up brands besides MAC.

I don't want to buy anymore products until I run out of what I have. But other than that, I'm probably not going to buy as much MAC. As sad as it is ti say, I noticed that some of their things aren't as nice as they used to be.

I plan on buying less makeup and using items from my traincase that I haven't tried for a long time.

I have a lot. To actually wake up early enough in the morning to apply makeup. To reduce my spending on makeup and to wash my face before bed.

well i started buy going to the mac store this morning before the crowd did only spent about 30. dollars so that's a good start

i'm going to try to get into some more colors other than just the same old neutral stuff i wear EVERYDAY

Maybe I'll make a resolution to wear neutrals more often. I've got a great dupe of Bobbi Brown's Stonewashed Nudes palette, and they are really pretty colours (especially with a few dark pinks, plums, and olives to pop them).

Who am I kidding? I love bright eyeshadow, it's one of my trademarks. But the neutrals I have are really pretty, too, especially with just a *touch* of interference pigment. Otherwise it would so not be me.


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