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Oct 30, 2007
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I have never felt pain like this in my life!
apparently its been going on for a few months. they're in love and he's happy.

I found out because she left a comment on his best friends facebook saying shes still round his house, in her pyjamas, he has friends over and she can never remember their names cos he has too many, and his mum just made her chicken.

so apparently everyone knew. it wasnt exactly being kept a secret. his friends all knew, she apparently met a lot of them, his mum is cooking for her!!, and shes plastering it on facebook for the world to see without a care.

so thats the end of me and him. he says he's sorry but he cant help how he feels about her and that he's glad i'm moving on...WHAT? HE left ME. how is that me moving on?! i guess hes just trying to convince himself he hasnt hurt me and im happy about it.

hes happy, she's happy. im so the exact opposite of happy.

i cant believe thats the end. i would've bet my life on him being the one. i found a receipt in his pocket last week for a diamond ring: i really thought he was going to propose at christmas or on my birthday which is christmas eve and i was so happy

I am so sorry. That is an awful thing for him to have done. I can't believe that everyone knew!

I'm sending you massive hugs and sympathy your way, I have felt how you are feeling so I know where you're at right now

I have no words except WHAT A COMPLETE *******. Hopefully he will burn in hell for his treatment of you!

I'm sorry. I know that your heart must feel like it is breaking in two. I know it sounds so cliche but maybe this is for the best. Time does heal things. He is a jerk and doesn't deserve a great person like you.

Awww honey I know how you're feeling. I've been cheated on too, and it feels like your heart is being ripped out of your chest and stomped on. It's humiliating and it's hard to believe that someone who "cared" so much for you could treat you with such disrespect. And its the worst when it comes out of no you think everything is going great and then it just blindsides you. He's a very low person to sneak around behind your back and you just have to keep telling yourself that its nothing that YOU did or could have prevented. If someone is going to lie and cheat then thats just what kind of person they are. The only thing that helped me was focusing on the anger more than the hurt...because it does hurt so much, but if you can hold on to that anger I think it'll help get you through this crappy time. Don't let this sleaze damage your self esteem. I bet one day in the not so distant the future he'll realize what a loser he was and what a great catch you were and you'll be happy with someone better and you can laugh in his face. *hugs*

thanks everyone. its such a mess. im actually seriously starting to wonder if it is medically possible to die from a broken heart cos this is killing! jealousy is killing me too! shes rubbing my face in it with comments about how much she loves him and pictures of them together. i hate her. im so embarrassed and just want to curl up and disappear!

im surprised at so many people too. its like i've not just lost my boyfriend i've just lost all of my friends too because we have the same friends and they all knew he had another girlfriend and didnt tell me. and i'm about 500 miles away from my ya its pretty lonely being me right now lol. im just feeling sorry for myself cos its 4am and i'm still up crying while hes probably fast asleep with her next to him...urgh!

how long were you with him?

that is SO terrible... i can't even imagine. it's pretty sad that his mum and all your friends knew, and basically thought it was okay for him to do that to you.

don't let his new girl see that it upsets you... it will give her so much more satisfaction.

i seriously don't know what i would do if i were cheated on. i'm so sorry this has happened to you, but he seems like a jerk.

THAT IS SUCH BULL**** HE IS A JERK! I feel for you hunny.... Do not let it get to you.... like i tell all my friends in a situation like this. You take everything you learned from one relationship and carry it into the next and your a more mature person ready to take on anything. You'll meet someone better that wont trreat you like this. You'll know the signs and what to look for and be a stronger person.... I wish you luck! heartbreak is the worst! it makes you both physically and emmotionally ill. Get well soon though you dont deserve it.

Forget about them they'll be miserable together.... stop looking at the stupid facebook comments at this point WHO GIVES A **** ABOUT THEM!

I'm so sorry. No one should ever have to go through that.

But think of it this way: Her boyfriend's a cheater.

That is terrible, and I'm so sorry for what you are going through. As terrible as what he did to you, I think I would be more hurt that none of my supposed friends came to to me to warn me. I would never treat a friend like that. You'll find better, and I believe in Karma, I'd be she'll cheat on him...Wouldn't that be nice, to have him in the situation your in a few months from now. Keep your head up, and don't let him or her know they're getting to you...that is exactly what she wants. I hope things get better...

It sounds like hes all in love with that ***** right but trust me they are going to have issues pretty soon.My mom told that when a guy leaves their partner for somebodys else nothing goes right in their relationship.Girl you deserve way better and trust me you will just hang on.

Omg, I feel for you - I seriously just want to just hug you and cry with you because I know how it hurts. How it all hurts... and to be honest, no matter how much we try to cheer you up - that pain in your heart is still there.

He is an *******. I wish there was more to say, like you deserve better, but you know he is what's better to you right now. Ugh, I truly wish people didn't toy with others emotions because it can leave a scaring effect.

You can talk to me whenever, okay love? Feel better...

Your better off without him. If he did it to her you, he'll do it to her. And if she went behind your back, she'll go behind his back. It's hard to move on, but I wouldn't even offer the let's be friends. Just do your best to not think about it.

thank you so much everyone i feel better after reading these comments. im trying to think positive - i mean there are people out there who have lost their children or really really terrible things happen to them..FAR worse than falling head over heels in love with a liar! So I suppose i just gotta hold on til this is all just a memory and in the past. Part of me just feels sorry for her, cos i know now what her boyfriend is capable of. and its not nice!

but i swear i'm never letting myself fall in love again.

I am so sorry sweety, I know how you feel and I hope you feel better soon *hugs*

oooh god

am so sorry that u had to deal with all this

and i dont think that u deserve a person like that

I am so sorry. Having been the one who was cheated on my husband......I know how much it hurts. It took me a while to get over that, but in the end he did me a favor. I left him over it. He ended up marrying her and they have had a miserable relationship so what goes around, comes around. I hate to be all cliche and say that you are better off, but you are. If he did it to you, he will do it to her too. Just give yourself some time and don't ever blame yourself for it. After the initial shock I found myself asking "what is wrong with me that he would turn to her". It really knocked my self-esteem to zero. The answer was that I did nothing to deserve that and neither did you. It will get better with time, I promise. I know it doesn't seem that way right now but it will. I am truly sorry that you are having to go through this right now. We're here for you.

she must have something i dont...

ive put up with a lot from him, he's cheated before he lies constantly, and he called me a b*tch, a slut, an idiot etc etc so its kind of weird that i put up with all of that and kept taking him back now HE has left ME when i really dont think i've done anything bad to him. in fact i loved him more than anything and would've done anything to make him happy. so i like to think its his loss lol

and you're all right, he WILL do it again. he'll cheat again, he'll lie again and he'll treat his girlfriend like sh*t again, only this time it wont be me.


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